Friday, June 13, 2014

Doing the Museums


OK friends, I know how much you've been wanting to see another picture of my short hair. 
Here you go.  
This is Jacob and I on Tuesday morning, when it was drizzling rain, the first of 3 consecutive rainy mornings this week.  We were waiting on Kathleen so we could kidnap her and our friend John to go museum-ing.  

We have an upcoming trip to Chicago.  And in our research, we learned that if you have an Indiana State Museum family pass, not only can you go get in to the State Museum, but also we can all get into hundreds of science museums across the long as they aren't within 90 miles of Indy.  No prob.  
So if we got this pass, we get to hit up a few other museums for free while we're in Chicago: Adler, Field, and MSI.  And my friend Kathleen was headed to Columbus, and this ticket gets them into COSI.  I may need to hit Columbus sometime in the next year before this pass expires.  There are a ton of great things to do and see. It could be as much fun as our National Park Pass.   I'm getting really excited about doing more museums now that Chris and Sam are older and they get almost as excited about science as I do! 

So here's Jacob in the first of what I hope will be many pictures of the INDIANA sculpture by Robert Indiana at the State Museum.  We didn't visit any exhibits while we were there though. Instead we opted to pop next door to the Eiteljorg.  My Dad helped us get an annual pass there a few months ago, and I'm really excited.  It was a wonderful opportunity for me to share it with Kathleen. We got to see this great exhibit they are showing right now of Ansel Adams.  My Word the man was talented.  I'm glad I got to go see it a second time...I may need a third or fourth before it leaves in August.  This time, I was able to pick out a few favorite pieces: The Aspens, the Redwoods, and Moon over Half Dome.  Kathleen suggested doing a multiple frame picture with Ansel's postcards.  Cheap art.  Great idea.  Maybe next time I'll pick up postcards of those or something.  

But they don't let us take pictures inside the gallery.  I did snap this one though.  This one is within one of the Native American / West exhibits.  I love it.  The buffalo looks so real, like not even a painting.  

We weren't able to stay long, the littles were restless, and we had to be back at St. M's to pick up the bigs by noon.  

And since noon is the pickup, we were all starving by that time, so we decided to all go to Chick Fil-A for a special VBS lunch.  We usually do it on Friday, but Kathleen and the girls were going to be gone then, so we opted for a Tuesday Treat.  That's the problem, I pick Chris up at noon, and I'm starving, and I have no willpower when I'm starving.  Even Sam has started to say he's so hungry he's going to eat people, my catch phrase.  

The littles did well, they duked it out over puffs and cheerios in dueling high chairs.  
They were pretty adorable.  Jacob is not always inclined to share, but he's going to learn.  
And we'll be taking a lot more trips to these museums and getting out around town this summer now that I'm feeling healthier.