Monday, June 30, 2014

Fun fresh things


Ah, Sunday.  The end of the week, the beginning of the week.  Eric surprised me by making breakfast.  He diced up the remainder of the tomatoes in the fridge before we head out on vacation.   He made it with:  6 eggs, 1 cup shredded mozzerella, a half dozen or so diced compari tomatoes, 1/4 cup fresh basil that he snipped up with the cooking shears per pie.  He made 3 pies.  And Wooo Dang they were good!

One for eating right away, and some for freezing for later. :) 

We made it to church and watched the kids sing and do the moves to all the songs they learned in VBS.  
No really, it's over.  But they had  a great time 'teaching' the songs to others in the congregation. 

We got some visitors at the birdfeeder too.  I am really enjoying becoming an old fuddy duddy birdwatcher. 
House finches I think.  

I think this little gal is a brown-headed Cowbird.

My friend the House Finch has come back a lot this week.  

Here we had little red House Finch, and Miss Whitetail the neighborhood squirrel come around for droppings. The squirrels seem to have gotten the memo that the birdfeeder is squirrel proof.  I don't mind if she goes for the droppings, I mind her stealing the birdies birdseed. 

Leave the seeds for the birds.  I love this of the red headed House Finch and the Cardinal doing dueling feeding times. 
Speaking of feeding sister came over for a slumber party Sunday night.  
She wanted to put on a "boilin' pot" and do a crab boil.  OK. 

Yeah, she bees goofy.  I know, you never wondered where we get it.

She brought a great big pot, put in potatoes, onions, corn on the cob, bay and some other minor magic spices, some shrimp and crab knuckles.  She said the girls love to break into them.  I had serious doubts whether my kids would eat any of it....but I was happily surprised.  Sam ate crab.  Yep, you read that right...he even wanted seconds of it.  He didn't like the shrimp as much, but both boys thought that breaking into the knuckle to get at the meat and pull it out with their teeth was great fun.  Sam doesn't like corn, but he ate a dinner's worth of meat and potatoes.  Chris ate meat and corn.  

Even Jake got in on the action by slurping on a cob of corn.  Of course, he slurped on it a while, but only ate barely a bite of it, before throwing it overboard.  That's his ever-so-subtle way of telling us he's done. 

After the yahoos went down for the night, Lisa and I got Oily.  
Did I mention I sucked her in to Essential Oils too?  Well, it didn't take much work, she and I had been dabbling in aromatherapy for a while, and while I stayed mostly content with buying happy soaps, she actually went so far as to make soap.  She had been a little schemey (yes, I am not entirely to blame ;) ) and gone shopping, found some shea butter, some bottles, and so we got busy making some oily goodies.  We got some roll-on bottles. I now have a Valor roll-on, and a peppermint roll-on for the kids.  I put in 7 drops of Valor and the rest grapeseed oil, and the peppermint was 10 drops peppermint and the rest almond oil.  

I emptied and cleaned out a 2 oz. baby food jar, and melted about 1 oz. of shea butter, then we added another oz of coconut oil.  This coconut oil I bought smells like coconutty goodness, which wasn't the kind I was intending, but still is nice.  So we decided it would go well with the light floral scent of Peace and Calming.  So we added about 25 drops of Peace and Calming to our balm, and mixed the snot out of it.  And it smells verra nice.  I've tried it on the boys, and they LOVE it!   I'm really getting excited about using all these natural goodies on my family.  Simply unfooled around with, and I love being able to prounounce all the ingredients.