Monday, June 30, 2014

Clouds and Rainbows, oh yes and a bit of VBS


This was the only picture I took of the kids at VBS Thursday.  
Thursday night, I had a much needed chiropractor appointment AND massage.  Much needed. 
The Massage wasn't entirely relaxing either.  My muscles were in such big knots, I actually was sore afterward from her doing her dance, or digging her elbows in, or whatever medieval torture was going on in my back and shoulders.  Not relaxing.  Good, but not relaxing.   When it hurts like that, I can't help thinking about what the little old lady on Neverending Story used to say, "It's got to hurt, if it's to heal."  Yeah.  Story of my life. 

At least it was a pretty day outside.  
It looked like Toy Story clouds.  I love the clouds in the background and on Andy's wall in Toy Story.  
If I ever took up painting I would paint clouds like these.  

See, so bright against a dark blue sky.  Le Sigh. 

I did get a nice break from VBS-ing on Thursday evening.  
I had my adjustment, my massage, and I met Kathleen for drinks.  
You'd think after almost a week of seeing each other every day, we'd be all caught up.  Not quite.  
Of course, I didn't drink, I had water.  I wanted to clear out all the goo the masseuse had stirred up. 

Then we went to pick up our little yahoos.  On my way home, I saw a rainbow through the trees.  I saw it, and the kids didn't.  So I chased it.  Yup. "I'm always chasing rainbows." just like the song says.  Only I'm not.  I feel like I yell at my kids more than I stop and just chase rainbows with them.  I feel like I get so frustrated, I've been consciously trying to make better moments with them.  Less yelling, no spanking.  The big boys are really too old for that.   It's been hard.  But it feels like, more often than it used to be, that moments come along where they are good, and we all get along.  And they laughed at me.  They thought I was crazy chasing the rainbow.  Chris started to get upset when I blew right past where I should have turned to go into our neighborhood.  Yeah, it was nearly 9 o'clock at night.  And Yeah, we were all blithering.  But the sun was out, it wasn't going to hurt anyone to go chasing a rainbow to see where it was.   

Turns out it was raining over Eagle Creek Park.  

There's something lovely about a rainbow over a cornfield.  
If you look closely, it was lining right up with the our local Catholic Church's steeple.  How's that for a sign?!

I love fields in Indiana.  Guess I'm just a Midwestern girl at heart.  

This one was my favorite.  
I loved to see the rain, the sun going down behind me turning the rain clouds different colors, and the rainbow.  The kids didn't seem to mind as much either...after we found the rainbow.  Maybe we need to go chase a few more.