Saturday, June 21, 2014

Aiden's birthday in the woods


Wednesday was Aiden's 2nd birthday.  It was perfectly obvious to me that the boy was 2, whether he had technically turned 2 yet or not, by the size of the tantrum the night before.  He cried at me for an hour because I was not Mommy or Daddy.  And I was surprised that I handled it ok, my ears did not end up bleeding, in fact, I still had strength enough to be able to try and comfort him.  And it worked.  Oh yes, he is 2.

So Wednesday morning, all the kids were so excited about Aidy's birthday, it was like the whole week had been an ultimate slumber party for him too!  Happy Birthday Aiden!  As soon as he got up in the morning, his Daddy and siblings were teaching him how to say that he is 2.   It looked more like giving a high five.  It was pretty stinky cute.

Jacob and I had a pretty quiet day at home, and by home I mean Amy's.  Jake has been waking up early, like 6:30.  And I've never nursed so much on my side, but he has been waking up multiple times so I just roll over and he drinks.  I can finally see what the big deal about sleep-nursing is!  Jake was just so small and I was afraid of suffocating him.  But now that he's bigger, he can lift the boob, move his face, or whatever if he can't breathe.  And since he's cosleeping, and in bed with me all the time, it's not as big a deal if he wakes up 4 or 5 times a night.  At least, aside from the waking me up 4-5 times a night.  I wasn't thinking it was a big deal.  Until the end of the day.  

Since, it was Aidy's special day, their family tradition is to go to Chuck E. Cheese.  So we opted to do his cupcakes and candles Before we went to the place, because we didn't want to load them up with sugar and be crazy when we got back.   It was a good call.  

Aiden was so excited about his special double chocolate cupcake with 2 candles! 

We all gathered around to sing to him on his special day. 

All the boys wanted to help him with his cupcake problem. But he was big enough to handle it on his own. ;) 

Oh yeah, nothing says birthday than a sweetboy covered in chocolate. 

Just as we started to head out, a storm rolled in.  This tree was half gone the next day, and you can see how dark the clouds got.  This storm was a buzzkill for the res campers, so I was happy it didn't hit until after Day Camp had let out.  It was rather nasty to drive in.  But we made it thru the rain. ;)  And got to Chuck's in one piece. 

7 kids gone wild in Chuck E. Cheese is something to behold.  My boys and their kids all had a wonderful time.  They played and played and played.  They were moving around so much, there was no way for me to get all of them in one picture. 

This was as close as I got 3 in one and 3 in the other.

I spent most of the night, guarding our tables with this cuddly cutie.  He did wonderfully.  He ate my entire stash of snacks, and loved people watching.  And he loved when the kids would come up for coins and go off to play some more.  He did great.  

At one point, I even turned him around and played the wack-a-mole like game right behind us until my arm got sore (not long, but Shay/I and Bryn/I were tough teams) But after a couple hours, Mommy was done.  

Turns out I was not the only one.  Once we ran out of coins, cashed in our tickets, and were waiting in line to get prizes, the elder boys couldn't handle themselves.  I left fast.  I was anticipating a meltdown, but thought I'd avoided it, by leaving fast.  They got to the car, they were in good moods, and I thought, hmm, we're near civilization, I'm going to go see if I can find a charger for my cell phone and/or the ipad, both of whose chargers I'd forgotten.  Well, Radio Shack had already closed.  So I passed a Target.  We went in there, and that was the worst choice yet.  Not only did they not have what I needed, but my kids went bonkers, wanting everything they could see.  I said, if you guys be good, I'll get you some tic tacs and gum in line.  Only they weren't.  And by the time they were in line, and they asked for their treats, I had to say No.  They lost their ever loving minds.  I dragged them out.  And I screamed at them all the way through Lafayette.  They were so done.  And then when we got home, it was time for Aiden to open his presents. 

 And Aiden't sisters and brother couldn't wait to help him.   It was an exercise in strength not to have all the big kids taking over 'helping' the two year old.  They were all so done.  But it was Aidy's special day, and we wanted so badly to celebrate to the utmost with him.  My boys held it together for a bit, for Aiden's sake, but they just couldn't.  It was 9:30, they'd been up since before 7.  They were toast.  It's a sad day when the baby is the best behaved at near 10.  I had to drag Chris off to my room to sleep with me.  That pushed him over the edge.  Me too.  And he was Out Cold by the time I had Sam in bed in another room.  I fully intended to drink a very large bottle of wine after the big ones were down.  Only I went downstairs and tried to pull the cork, but it broke in half in my hand, leaving half in the bottle.  So I surrendured and went to bed, to try again another day.  Mommy was Done too.