Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Little Birds


Monday was our last day of gymnastics.  I had hoped that we would make it home from our camping trip in time to take Sam to his last class.  Well, arriving at nearly 1 a.m.  took care of that problem.  So Sam and Jake and I stayed home all day, kind of getting caught up on sleep.

All day it acted like it was going to rain.  
Eric drove back south to go rescue our tents and stuff.  
So the birds had a great time poking around our yard looking for worms that were expecting rain.   
We even got to see some juveniles out on hunts with their parents.  

It was also the last night for Sam's gymnastics class.  
We had wanted to make sure we got home from our camping trip so that he could make it.  
Because they break out the parachute on the last day. 
And with as long as it took us to get down there, it was debatable whether or not we'd make it home on time. Only, since the hideous rain hit, and we came home in the middle of the night, we made it just fine to gymnastics....just as another really nasty rainstorm hit. 
What is with the weather and these rainstorms waiting all day...until I have plans, to hit?!

Meanwhile, Sam had a great time in gymastics.  So much so, that we signed him up for gymnastic summer day camp for next week.  He will have a great time! 

It makes me smile to see how well he does with gymnastics.  He has been doing headstands on the couch, and just can't sit still without climbing something.  Good thing we've got a lot of room around here.

Part of me wonders if I need one of these cartwheel mats.  It would be so great to help them learn it.  But, Sam gets into position and just freezes there.  He doesn't roll the wheel. He just gets into this position and freezes.  It's pretty funny.  I'm like, Jump, push the legs.  Roll the wheel! 

Ahh, the parachute.  At the end of class, they break out the parachute, and let the kids shake their sillies out. 
Frankly, it's a bit of a Sensory Overload for me.  They let a couple kids get out in the middle of it, and they can jump, roll, walk, all while the floor has the illusion of moving.  The first few times, Chris would flip out.  Sam just ran for a while, but then he started doing somersaults, sorry, Forward Rolls.  And he did great.  
He's a superchamp.  
I'm so happy he found a sport to like.