Monday, June 30, 2014

The last night of VBS....almost


At last, it was the last night.  Well, almost.  Friday night was the last night that we had VBS.  So the kids were beginning to be blithering, exhausted, and so were Mommy and Daddy.  Still, it was a lot of fun. We went out with a bang.

I went chasing after the preschooler/kg crowd so I could take my alloted pictures. 
And as I was snapping pics, I heard of a special visitor that was coming to see the kids.  
During every VBS, our group raises funds for some non-profit organization that goes along with the theme of our week.  This week's theme was Weird Animals.  There were great sayings like, When you're afraid, Jesus Loves you!  Or When you're scared, Jesus Loves You.  Or when you've done something wrong, Jesus loves you.  This organization, ICAN, uses therapy dogs to help others.  For example, there was a girl, who was afraid to go to school, so she helped lead the therapy dog around. And the two of them went to school together, the dog helped keep her calm.  They're really good like that.  

So I knew they were about to get a special guest.  

But this little goofball didn't. ;) 

This was Hattie, the 4 month old ICAN dog in training.  She was So Good.  It was Amazing.  
They say, when the dogs are in their harnesses, they are 'at work' so they know to behave, be calm.  And she did.  She was so good with all the cute kids petting on her.  

Sam wanted to tell the trainer all about our dog Princess.  
She's not exactly the sort of dog ICAN takes.  She's therapeutic to us, but that's about it. 

I was out for a walk, and I found a wee beastie, a snippy wee beastie, who was not happy that Mommy still wanted to take pictures, and Not Take a Sweetboy to go.  He was So Tired.  

He didn't really calm down.  I could hear him yelling. So I got him as soon as I was done, and Daddy and I let him run around a bit.  I have pictures of Christopher at the same age, attending his first VBS, with his friend Dane, whose Mom was in charge, and the two boys wanted nothing more than to play with this door.  Seems Jake takes after his brother. ;)

Even the big kids got to meet Hattie too. 
Chris wanted to tell Prinny stories too.  He was talking about Fina, even, stuttering through stories about her. She was such a good dog too.  We've been pretty lucky in the pooch department, for sure.  

And the big kids got to pet Hattie.  Emily even got a kiss! 

 I know this pic is blurry and yellow, but it was just one of my favorites, I love how happy Em was.  I know they love to come visit my dog, since they can't have one of their own.  And it's good to see how much the poochini's love her too.  The program was amazing, and I was so glad that we helped out.  The people they help, it's Awesome. The dogs are even trained by women in jail, giving them something to occupy their time, and help others.  It's Amazing.

And I'm happy to say, our group donated upwards of 500$ collected by the kids to the organization.
Way to go Messiah VBS!