Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sweet boys in the woods


Well, we have been surviving and thriving on our adventure in the woods.  Unfortunately my friend had to leave, so her kids were pretty sad.  They went to the sitters yesterday, leaving Jake and I alone to try to get caught up on rest.  Monday night, a butterfly had come into the house when a bunch of counselors had popped by for dinner.  He disappeared, and I thought he was toast. But Jake and I found him yesterday morning.

I was able to cup my hands above him so that when he tried to take off, he went right into my hands.  I then walked him outside.  Once outdoors I opened my hand to see what we had. It looked like a mini-Owl butterfly, like I'd seen at the zoo.   

But I think it's a Northern Pearly-eye.  
The girls were worried Monday night when we saw him flying around.  Then someone said it was a moth.  But it flew in too early in the evening for it to be a moth.  And when I found it, I took a chance and released in the shade of the trees out back.  He started for a second, then took off.  Happy as could be.  It was my good deed of the day.  It would have been a sad way to go for a butterfly, wasting away inside.

After waking a few times in the night, and not sleeping much yesterday, Jacob crashed in my lap.  But he was a hotbox, so I tried to slide him off my lap.  And it worked!  He commenced sleeping for 2 hours on Amy's couch. 

Have I mentioned that he likes to find his belly button.  It's a comfort spot.  I think it's sweet.  At least he'll always have it with him, not like a pacifier.  When he's tired, he'll start pulling his shirt up.  And he'll grab his belly in his sleep.  Sometimes he goes for mine, and I giggle, then he can't help but laugh hysterically.  There's a Big Difference between my belly button and his. 

We didn't leave the house much on Tuesday.  We stayed in and Jakers took a great nap.  I thought our friend B was going to meet us for lunch about 12:30-12:45 ish.  So Jake and I headed over to the lodge for lunch.  Only when we got there, there were a whole lot of kids, and no friends, and the table in the back room where we normally sit was empty.  Oh well, Jake and I just turned around and headed back, just like taking a walk on a hot day.  I brought plenty of snacks for us all to eat, so I wasn't in danger of wasting away.  I just don't like doing things with a bunch of strangers.  That's not my idea of a good time.  It's like being alone in a crowd.  I'd rather be alone alone.  

This is a nifty statue.  It's Tecumseh the Indian on top of a small hill.  Some of the campers and counselors meet there.  It says on one side, Come in Peace, Camp Tecumseh.  
Seemed appropriate for the beginning of our week. 

So I got a picture of my three sweetboys after day camp.  
They were so wiggly though.  All I could get out of them was that Day Camp is Awesome. 
Sam did tell me he rode a horse, and that it was white and its name was Cody.

Amy had schemed before she left.  The local library was showing The Lego Movie for a program with popcorn and everything, so she thought the kids would like to go.  They loved the idea.  B thought it might be better (aka everyone might enjoy the movie without screaming) if we left the littlest at home.  So I got to stay home with Jacob and Aiden.  Aiden objected.  Highly.

It was lucky that as Aiden had a full body meltdown for almost an hour, that during that time Jacob was in a great mood.  I don't think I could've handled it from both of them.  Aidy flopped on the floor and cried until his poor cheek sat in a pile of drool.  I decided to pick him up and try to clean him off. And he flopped at me.  But even he couldn't resist when Jacob started climbing on him.  He didn't appreciate this little obnoxious baby all over him and his stuff.  It was cute.  And very obvious that Aiden is the youngest.  It was good for them to get together, and play.  Jake thought Aiden was Great.  The reverse wasn't necesarily true. 

Until Jacob brought me a book.  I said I would read it.  Well, that perked Aiden right up.  And he sat down to listen to the book, and bring me more, and recite (sort of) along with me.  Oh yes much better. I loved their matching Batman shirts today.

 But it was obvious he was a boy on the edge.  So I decided to take the therapist's advice, "When they're crabby, stick them in water." 

If there's one thing that both these boys love, it's bathtime!  
They just didn't quite know what to do with me making fauxhawks out of their shampoo hair. 

I gave them water flutes to play with, and Aiden just waved his around while Jacob splashed with his.  
Until I taught him how to blow it and make music.  I may have created a monster. 

But boy bathtime turned those kids around.  They loved splashing and playing in their little bathtub band.  Even together.  Up until that point, they hadn't gotten along well.  But like all of their parents, the music brought them together. :)