Monday, June 30, 2014

Some Weird Animals at the Pool

Saturday was a crazy morning.  We had Swim Lessons, as we usually do, but instead of getting dressed, the plan was to stay in our suits, and go to Splash Island.  This year, the Church was sponsoring a last hurrah field trip to all the VBS guests and their families to Splash Island, a waterpark in Plainfield.  Sweet.  

But first, swim lessons.  

Swim class exhausts Jacob.  He is not very enthusiastic.  
Jacob is not amused.  
He actually was having some fun in class, he's kind of trying to blow bubbles, mostly he just puts his face in the water and tries to drink it.  Not exactly bubble blowing, but it's an improvement over his brothers who hated to get their faces wet until they were 5...or older. 

The teachers were having a rough time with Sam.  They got him swimming though!  I could hear his whine across the pool.  That girly supersonic scream really travels.  It was kind of rainy out.  Rainy enough to make Jacob's hair curly.  

Sam was swimming.  Chris was swimming.  They were swimming in the water at the same time.  
Though Sam wasn't happy.  To really swim, one must get wet, and he only likes to get wet on his own terms.

After class, we left the big boys (and girls) in their swimwear, changed Jake, and hit the road.  We stopped for snackage along the way, and it only took about 40 minutes.  The kids were cold, but Ready to get in the pool.  Apparently, it had been raining all morning.  That didn't stop some of the few and the Faithful from swimming.  Chris started to get ootsy about swimming in the rain.  I asked him, "What's gonna happen?  You afraid you gonna get wet?"  A little.  We just need to watch out for thunder and lightning.  

And just as we arrived, the clouds began to thin, and the weather started to look good for going swimming! 

The one and only picture of all 5 kids together.  
I must say, my favorite part of this picture was how Eric got Jacob in, the photobombing baby.  That cracks me up.  Jacob was ok with it all.  

There were a lot of church friends at this park.  I'd never been, but I was really impressed.  There was a lazy river, a couple waterslides.  Some little kid waterslides. :)  AND splash pad stuff to entertain the yahoos.  And boy, were they entertained.  

Chris wanted to go into the deep section, (about 4 ft) and the lazy river.  That was nice, but Chris kept wanting to hop in and out of our tube, that was distracting.  I would have loved to just sit and go around on my own.  But they make sure that if the kid is under 8 that they are within reach of a parent.  That means NOT the length of a lazy river.  Well, maybe next year. 

 Eric hung out with the little ones.  Until Chris and I came back.  We'd been there a bit over an hour, when we started to hear some thunder.  They walked around the kiddie pool a bit more.  

Jake and Daddy got dumped on by the giant pineapple bucket.  
Jacob was not amused.  

So he came and sat by me. :) 
As we were sitting there, drying out a bit.  Honestly, an hour of hard play, I wanted to just sit a bit.  Being outdoors can wear a girl out!  We listened to the thunder in the distance.  Finally the lifeguards blew the whistle, they saw lightning, so they told us to get out, clear out and go stand at the other side, for 30 minutes.  Of course, that's 30 minutes after any sight of lightning, so we figured there'd be more.  AND Chris had gotten into timeout for trying to go up the slide.  Not cool even when you're not in a pool.  He started to lose his mind.  2 hours, 2 pools, it was enough.  The kids (and their Mommy) were done.  
It was exhausting.  But it was also Awesome.  I would totally go back to Splash Island.  I wasn't sure if all the kids (and consequently, grownups) would have a good time.  But we did.  And it was so neat to see church friends Outside of church. We could and would totally go back again. 
Splash Island is Cathy Approved!