Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day


Happy Father's Day to the father of my children, my friend, my cohort in crime. 

Of course, you know my kids had to learn it all somewhere.   
The boys and I worked on schemy things this week to pamper Daddy a little bit.  
I got a crazy idea from pinterest, to paint a picture with the boy's handprints on it.  
That was my gift to Daddy, a homemade painting.  The big boys picked out running shirts in their favorite colors for Daddy.  Green from Sam, and Blue from Chris.  Jacob and I saw a Flash shirt and thought that Daddy needed that too.  So we got him all set up with fashions.  The boys favorite thing was the card we gave Daddy.  It said Happy Father's Day from the land of beer and sausage, and when we open it up, it sings little songs.  Sam loves the sausage song, but he's mutated it a bit and has been going around singing, "I am a chauchige, that's good enough for me...."  That's good enough for me too.  

One of the things Daddy wanted to do today was to go to the Early service at church.  We did.  And with no sunday school in the summer, the boys actually got to go out and play on the playground for a bit.  Daddy took Jacob down the slide for the first time while I was delayed by jabbering.  By the time I got out to capture Jacob on the slide, he was a pro that Knew what he liked.  He giggled every time he got to the bottom.

Eric is very good at getting the boys to laugh.  

Ah yes, a Daddy and his sweetboys.  

After church and playground time, we went to meet Grandpa at the new Scotty's Brewhouse in town.  
I think it's Eric's new favorite place.  Beer - Good! Food - Good!  And something that I really enjoy is these great tall high chairs, so the big boys think they are the schnizzle because they are on barstool height chairs...and so is Jacob.  They say the original Scotty is a family man, so he makes a point to always treat kids right.  Sundays kids eat free.  And on Father's Day they had a little table set up on the patio, and the kids got to go out and make cards for their Daddies.  I thought that was absolutely enchanting.  The kids really think it's a great treat.  It may be our new favorite place.  

Jacob stole the lemon from Daddy's water, and tried to get it.  
He thought he was big stuff. 
It reminded me of my niece Alexis who used to repeatedly demand the lemons only to make the most hideous face when she put them in her mouth.  But she wouldn't stop.  Jake did though, he threw his on the floor.  

Jacob likes to throw a lot of things on the floor.  He now will say Oh Oh, when he does.  But his favorite phrase, is still Oh Wow.  My Dad and Stepmom were repeating every Oh Wow he said this evening when we went to dinner at their place.  They'd picked up a tiny picnic table for the big boys and we actually got to have some conversation during dinner.  My Dad is a grillmaster.  All his stuff is so Well Done.  I'm lucky that Eric and my Dad love to cook so much.  It takes effort to get this big, and today was a day of such good food, it will probably take me all week to recover.  

So here's one last picture with All my Boyz.  My Daddy and their Daddy.  :)