Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Poetry Reading


Wednesday, Christopher had a Poetry Reading with his class.  Turns out it was quite the fancy dancy.  This was the welcome we received, upon arriving at school.  Flowers and class photos.  Chris and his classmates had signed a Welcome poster.  It cracked me up, instead of a signature, Chris wrote, Chris is Awesome!

There were a bunch of parents.  Each classmate got up and read 2 poems.  
And yes, of course, I cried.  And laughed.  And laughed and cried at the same time. 
I was surprised at how much I loved what Each and Every child in his class wrote. 
And the little boys, who were the only siblings visiting, made noise the whole time. 
They did quiet down at last when it was time for Chris to read.

This was Christopher's poem, "I am from.."

Mommy, Jacob, and Sam all brought Christopher some flowers, for our performer. 
He was absolutely enchanting in his 'white handsome shirt' and bow tie. 

We also brought some flowers for his teacher, she has done a wonderful job.  
Chris has been positively Blessed by being in her class.  

As a special end-of-year treat, we stayed for lunch.  
All three of my sweetboys got to eat in the cafeteria.  That's probably not going to happen again for a long long while.  Sam thought it was pretty neat.  Jacob jabbered the whole time. And Chris invited two students I didn't know.  I didn't know them because they'd only been in his class for a few weeks.  When I realized that, I was humbled.  How kind of him to offer this special gift of sitting at the table with his family to the new kids.  He has a kind, kind, heart. 

After lunch, the kids go to recess, and Chris couldn't wait to show Sam the new playground that they had fundraised for, and received over Spring Break.  But when I turned in my nametag, I learned that siblings can't play at recess.  This crushed their world views, because all they wanted in the world was to play with each other on the big kid playground.  Maybe we'll have to pop over there again over the summer. 

I love his school.