Friday, June 13, 2014

2 QE


The QE2 is a grand boat.  I don't have a boat.  But for our anniversary, Eric got me a rosebush, a Queen Elizabeth.  It's a Grandiflora, so eventually, it will have a bunch of beautiful blooms, but here I've only had it less than a week, and its in the ground, and already blooming.  Well Done Eric!

One day it was all green, then Bam!  

This is both the blooms, but they are so next to each other, depending on the angle, I couldn't even see the other, slightly smaller one.  

Lo, roses are bloomin'!

I love this shade of pink. 
I don't know that I would have picked such a dainty girly shade for myself, but now that it is in the ground and blooming, I think I LOVE it.  Perhaps I'm a pink flower loving girly girl after all.