Monday, June 30, 2014

Dancing Girls

We didn't have anything cooking during the days during the week of VBS.  I had the lofty goal of getting out, trying to visit the museums I recently got memberships too - like the Eiteljorg or the State Museum.  But that didn't work.  However, Friday there was an Extra special activity - the Dance recital of my nieces.  They had been attending a Dance Day Camp up in Carmel.  The theme was Tangled.  So you see, we had to go.  

The boys and I stopped off at Trader Joe's and they each picked out a bouquet for their cousins.  
Sam picked a bouquet with a mix, that had green flowers amongst other things for Charlie.  And Chris grabbed a lovely mix of pinks and yellows for Annie.  They were pretty excited, and very proud of themselves for shopping for presents.   Actually, it was the first time I'd taken all three into Trader Joe's.  I sounded like a military sargeant, Boys, Move!  Boys, Walk! Boys, Cart!   But it worked.   I shopped in public with all three and wasn't sorry.  Pretty historic.  

And when the girls came in, my boys went wild.  We got a big surprise.  In the photo above, Charlie is in the black leotard and bright pink tutu.  Down the way in pale pink and dark hair is E, the daughter of some friends of mine.  Their Daddy is in the Navy and doing a tour abroad too.  The boys wanted to cheer so bad, but we'd discussed how, during ballet, you are quiet until the end.  They did really well.  The little preschoolers though, kept wanting to break ranks.  A very easily distracted crew there.  God Bless their teachers.  

There was some time of just standing in line, so Charlie found her thumb.  Just like her Ma. 

Lisa says that position was just a yawn, but I say it's a position of Sass.  Maybe a bit of both.  

Then the show started.   

Oh my word - the Cuteness.  These kids were so cute.  

The moves weren't too fancy, some twirls, some footwork.  Did I mention, God Bless those Teachers?!  
I am not blessed with the gift of teaching, and when I see groups like this, I know there would be no way.  
But I love to see when others use their gifts, and the kids have a great time. These preschoolers did a Wonderful job! 

We were so Proud of Charlie!  
Aunty Cathy got a little teary eyed.  I know, none of you are surprised.  

She was pretty happy to get her very own bouquet of flowers too. 

After Charlie's performance, there was some down time for the little girls to get out, go color, and the bigger girls to come in.  With the delay, Jacob got down, and began to run around.  I think maybe he wants to Dance too. He comes by it naturally. 

Annie's group came in next.  They got all lined up and set, and realized they were short two parents.  
That was rough on some of the kids.  They didn't want to start without them.  Bless their hearts.  So they stood there a while and waited.   Then most of the kids sat down.  

Annie took advantage of that moment to come hug her cousins.  
She was pretty happy to have this crowd of guest support.  Apparently, she had burst into tears in the morning, not wanting to get dressed in a leotard and go because her Daddy couldn't attend.  Lisa talked her into a t-shirt and tutu, but it was rough.  Her Daddy is back stateside, but debriefing in TX before he could come up here.  She thought she'd be the only one with No Daddy in the audience.  
She wasn't though.  My friend's daughter 2 seats over, in the pale pink, her Daddy wasn't there either.  I don't know if that made Annie feel better.  It made me feel better to know she wasn't alone.  Being the daughter of a Serving Parent, has got to be so difficult, I can't imagine.  These families put up with so much.  And my sister and my friend are doing an Amazing job! 

 As we were driving, I could only think of two songs from Tangled, the Brush and Brush my Hair song, and Mother Knows Best.  Those were the ones that Annie performed to!

"I brush and brush and brush my hair!"  I am not a huge Mandy Moore fan, but I must confess, I loved Tangled.  Before Frozen came out, it was one of my favorite new Disney movies.  Not sure if Frozen is better or not.  Frozen's music is pretty good, but it does not have Flynn Rider and frying pans.  

And it didn't make my niece do this cutesy twirl. 

And this slide to the left. 

And sliding to the right.  So Stinky Cute! 

Mommy knows best, she'll take care of you. 
That's right, "Listen to your Mumsy!"

Yeah, these girls were adorable.  

Annie was pretty happy to receive her very own bouquet of flowers from Chris too. 

And as with any concert celebration, we must go for food after.  So we took the girls to their favorite place, "Mixdonald's".  We took the place over.  It wasn't hideous.  But McD's is the kids favorite, though not so much mine anymore.  At least the mornings activities caused them all to eat pretty well, and I had a good visit with my family.  My nieces are pretty stinky adorable anyway, but apparently Aunty Cathy can't resist a girl in a tutu.