Saturday, June 28, 2014

Let the VBS Begin!


Monday was a crazy day.  
First Christopher had a Riley appt with Mr. Doug at 10.  I know that when I made the appointment, my thought it making it at 10 was that we'd be able to go slower in the morning, than on school days, because we are on summer break.  That was true.  But I didn't think through the fact that I was going with all three yahoos.  Blessedly, Eric opted to accompany us, taking the littles for a long walk and a monorail ride while I took Chris in.  It had been a while since I got to take Chris in.  

On our way in and out of Riley, the kids wanted to pose with Turbo - the speedy snail who makes it to the Indy 500 in the movie Turbo.  We were going to do lunch, but the kids lost their minds.  And we had piano lessons, and swung by the church, and the kids were bonkers. So we went home and the little ones napped.  VBS hadn't even started yet, and they were going crazy.  I was kind of dreading the start of VBS.  But when we went into the church, and saw all the amazing decorations....well, even my grinchy heart grew three sizes.  And I was pumped.

Not as pumped as these kids.  

Sam got to start in his own pre-kindergarten group with his friends, the Julius twins.  
He was excited, and so were they.  They kept saying, I wuv you Caffee!  

I was the official court photographer for the vbs, so when I was making my rounds, I was able to snag a couple pictures of my sweeties playing some games.  I watched Sam play Musical chairs, and he and a friend were doing some trust exercise where they were to hold a ball and walk together to the basket.  It didn't really work. 

I caught Chris playing the game for the 'big kid', which was kind of like a relay race, where they put on 2 crazy different shoes, ran around the tree, and grabbed some candy, and put it in another bucket.  Literally, running in someone else's shoes!  That boy has some enthusiasm.  It was neat to see his friends cheering for him too.  

Seeing the boys play games and sing songs so happy was really the high point of my night. 
I couldn't get the power point presentation that was part of my "job" as photographer to work.  I called Eric, and he couldn't get it going either.  At least it wasn't just me.  Still, it was very frustrating. As the evening was coming to an end, it left me wanting to Drink and Cry, in either order.  

Both my boys somehow schnookered their crew leaders into picking them up. 
i don't know how they do it. 

Yeah, yeah, Cuteness will carry you a long way.  

On the way out of the church, they wanted to stop and say hi to Jesus.  Nothing wrong with that. :)