Wednesday, June 25, 2014


OK, so you know I'm not one to boast and brag lightly about this crazy stuff I've signed up for with the essential oils.  The week before last, I went to a class.  Then another a few days later, and I signed up.  My friend sent me home with a tiny 2 mL sample vial of LLP - Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint.  She'd wanted me to try it to relieve Eric's allergies.  He's a hot mess, you know.  Well, it didn't do much for him, he didn't notice any changes.  But I loved the smell of it. I've been carrying it in my purse ever since.  And when I feel a headache coming on, or my sinuses are a little twitchy I'll just sniff it.  It's like legal huffing.  But the smell is so therapeutic for me.  I've put a bit on my chest to inhale for a bit, or on my hands and rubbed the base of my neck.  The combo of the L,L, and P has a sweet bite, strong, yet calming.  I feel like when my tummy is acidic, I may need the lemon more, or my neck hurts I might want the peppermint more.  But until my kit was to arrive (I was expecting it when I got home) I had to make do with what I had, and that was this fabulous tiny sample.  The boys see me dipping in periodically and have asked to smell it.  I let them sniff a bit, but I hadn't put Any on them.  I was very wary.  However, with all this time on my hands sitting in my friend's mostly empty house, I did a bit of reading on what I'd gotten myself into.  And I'd been reading up on the various uses of all, lemon, lavender, and peppermint... especially their uses on kids!  So when Sam came to me Thursday afternoon after camp with one of his tell-tale mosquito bites, I thought, well, what can we lose?!  

Sam gets these horrid welts when he gets bit by mosquitoes, they swell up to quarter size or larger.  Poor kid, it's not like he's got a ton of meat on his bones, one bite takes up a fourth of his leg!   I asked him if he'd like me to try some of my "special sauce".  He said Yes!  He was desperate.  It was itching him so bad, I could see how uncomfortable he was.  He'd done a good job of not scratching, but I could tell he wanted to...badly.  So I grabbed my vial, and touched the edge.  I didn't want to use an entire drop neat (straight up) on him, so I just touched the edge and got a smear on me, and then put it on him. He wanted to smell it too.  So I let him.  The above picture was at 5:30 pm Thursday night.

This was at 7 am the next morning.  It was visibly smaller.  What really got me was that Sam said it stopped itching immediately.  The stuff brought down the swelling with time, lavender seems to be really good at that, but I think the peppermint did it's work immediately, as almost a painkiller for him.  He told me he felt better within moments of application.  And he came to me the next morning and asked for more of "Mommy's special sauce".  OK baby if it helps.  Can you believe it?!  I couldn't.  

Fast forward to later that day.  I had been packing up all morning, slowly, because my stuff was heavy, and I was doing it all myself.  Amy had popped into work, for a bit, and when she returned we walked to lunch.  She dragged me into the trading post, she told me the offensive person had received stern warnings as a result of my treatment, but I still was pretty pissed.   They did offer Amy a way discounted rate on some clearance t-shirts.  Again, if I'm with her, I'm treated decently.  No one actually apologized to me though, well, Amy and Ben had, but not anyone from the staff.  I really wanted to just leave.  The whole thing got me fuming all over again.  So that by the time we did get out of there, I was hot and angry, with 20 pounds of hot fussy sweetboy on my back.  Usually I walk on the shaded street edge.  But I didn't, I went across the field.  I was in my sneakers, I thought I was ok.  But about 2/3 across, something got into my shoe, just under the tongue.  It stabbed me, I thought it was a weed seed or piece of stick, but when I got back to their home and peeled off my shoe and sock, I expected to see the culprit, but there was nothing.   I couldn't see a thing.  However, the pain didn't go away.  It was clear something got me.  I'm not sure if it was a bite or a sting, but whatever it was, it got me. I kept touching it and I found 2 spots just above my ankle (where my sock was) and a bit on the upper left.  Within 1/2 hour they had gotten pretty red and angry.  

So, I remembered how Sam had found some instant relief with the LLP, so I grabbed a drop and rubbed it around my ankle.  My word, it really did work fast!  I could feel the heat and sting dissipate.  I am not exaggerating.  Nor am I trying to sell something...yet. I was pretty impressed.  And my hands smelled so nice for the rest of the day too!  

Yup 6 hours later, they are not entirely gone.  I wasn't Healed miraculously, but still...  They had gone down to just pink spots, no weird rashes or anything, like a tick, and not like a mosquito.  I don't know what it was that got me in that field.  Maybe it was a bee sting, maybe it was a spider.  Though the spots had gotten a bit itchy since, but not as bad as that first day.  I haven't felt like I needed oils again.  But I was very impressed with how quickly they worked.