Thursday, June 26, 2014

Merry Christmas, Smell my feet


I'm glad to be home.  

But what was cracking me up was how happy the boys are to be home too.  On one hand, the whined and whined about how much they miss their friends, crying, and wondering they were going to come stay here for a week.  I'm trying to think when we can swing that.  It would be a lot of crazy, but a lot of fun.  On the other hand, being home again is like Christmas.  They've only been away from their toys for 5 days, but you'd think it had been weeks.   Jacob definitely got some practice moving while we were gone.  He is a lot faster than he was, and I really have to watch him.  I got the biggest kick out of when he broke out his popper on Saturday.  He's not quite strong enough to push it to get it to pop as he walks.  But he can vacuum it in one spot for a bit.  Then he picks it up and walks with it.    Yeah, it was just like Christmas.  

So, unintentionally, I took the boys off their prevacid.  I left their meds at home when we went north.  They slept ok, but they were also blitheringly exhausted every night.   The last night, they both spent in my room.  Sam merped a couple times, and Chris giggled in his sleep.  So the effects weren't too bad.  The last time they went a long time without it, was 2012, fall break, and it was clear in 4 days.  This time, they were tired, but with reason.  So I decided to give my oils a try.   My friend had given me a bottle of Di-gize with just a couple drops in it, so I threw in a bunch of olive oil (because that's the only one we had on hand) into the rest to dilute it, and then took a drop to each boys' feet.  They loved it.  They loved the process of getting a footrub, and they loved the smell of their feet.  Sam stopped walking, sat down and smelled his own feet.  

And he liked the smell.  
I do too.  It's a woodsy, lightly anise sort of smell.  It's nice, but a little odd.  But I couldn't wait until my oil kit arrived, that was going to be Christmas for me. The kids were as excited about "Mommy's new special sauce" as I am.  And they slept well.  I think it's working, not exactly sure what its doing, but they woke up in good moods on Sunday.  They ate second helpings of breakfast, lunch, And dinner just the first day.  
That's historic, right there. 


Anonymous said...

Hi I saw your picture of you smelling your own feet, I wanna smell your feet and see how good they smell. I love smelling my own feet to. I even have a friend from school and his feet smells good