Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Into the Woods


Well, I'm coming at you LIVE from Camp Tecumseh, at the corner of nothing and nowhere.  We are nestled so deep into the woods my phone doesn't work, and the internet it skitchy.  I love it.

Our day started early yesterday, with packing up and driving the hour and half to get to Tecumseh, which is just outside Lafayette.  The boys had us stop along the way, so I thought we were running late.  I had it planned down to the minute.  I thought Day Camp started at 9, so we wanted to leave at 7:30, we left at 7:33, and with one potty stop, got there at 9:10.  Not too bad.  But then we just sat.  Turns out we were early for the camp dropoff.  The kids all wanted to get out and play so badly.  I knew there would be plenty of time for playing later.  

That's my boys...hitting the road with their counselors.  There was a table set up and they crossed the boys names off a list, and an announcer would call to their councelor, "AMY!  YOU HAVE A CAMPER!"  That counselor would come running over , so excited and enthusiastic.  They were so happy to "get" my kids.  Frankly,  that brings me Joy to see someone else recognize and cherish my boys for the Gifts that they are.  And they were like that for Every Kid.  Every kid was Blessing, a Gift, and they couldn't wait to get started with Day Camp.  I love that.  It does my heart such good to see that these high school 'kid' counselors are looking so forward to spending time with the kids , and can't wait,and that it is anhonor to be with my boys, not just killing time, not just a job.  

We've only been here a day, and I know we chose wisely.

After dropping the big boys off, Jake and I had most of the day to unpack and chill with my friend Amy.  Unfortunately, her mind was not able to focus on getting caught up and simply enjoying the Cuteness, her Dad was sick, and she needed to go be with him.   Before she left though, we rolled on over to the Lodge for lunch.  The lodge over looks the Wabash river.  There's a room just off the main room where the res camp kids eat that is good for camp families and counselors and staff to eat.  So we piled in around a large table, listening to the other groups of kids sing and chant and have a fine time during their lunch.  Of course Jacob was a big hit.  He's enchanting.  He ate really well, in spite of being Exhausted.  His head started bobbing before dessert, I didn't know if he'd make it back to Amy's house before crashing for a nap.  He did though.  Just barely.  So he and I got a nap before it was time to go get the big boys.

They were happily playing at the playground while I checked them out and chatted with their counselors.  Sam was still in his swimsuit, green on the lower left.  He was going to play in it until it dried.  And Chris was climbing and sliding with the best of them.  This is almost cheaper than Therapy!  The only descriptions I could get from them with regard to their thoughts on the day camp was "It was Awesome!"  OK. 

Can you see the green dot-like children running up the hill, back to their friend's house?  Shay was my escort, showing me a shortcut to walk to their house, and as soon as I got the boys, she and they Dashed back, so excited to see all 4 of the MeyPfan kids, they just couldn't stand it.  Oh yes, they are going to have a Wonderful week.


Unknown said...

I can't wait to hear about the rest of the week.