Monday, June 30, 2014

Over the Hump of VBS


Ah my sweetie pies.  
These kids actually Slept.  Sam and the twins took over Chris's room, but we had to move Chris to Sam's, on account he was being too chatty when everyone was ready to sleep.  The kids did great.  No one fussed, or had to leave in the middle of the night.  Breakfast was mostly eaten.  It was great.  And easy.  Totally could do that again.  And we just Might!  

I fully intended to go to the store, to do productive things, but we're just so tired.   We all want to rest.  All of us needed our naps.   All we're doing this week is VBS, and at the same time, it's such a late night for the boys, that our mornings, all any of us want to do is just Chill.  And not go anywhere.  I guess, by Wednesday, I should have learned to just be ok with that.  But I think it took me all week to learn that it was OK.   

I got to spend my picture taking time with the preschoolers. 
Though, my favorite pre-kindergartner was sitting on the lap of his crew leader most of the time.  
I did get him to pose sweetly for me, plugging his nose.  The line was something like, back in Jesus's time, people didn't bathe every day, and they would get stinky  and dirty, especially when they traveled.  So his class got their feet washed, which is just one of the most honored things.  Even in this day and age, it's even more a sign of great love of someone else to reach out and wash their feet.  I remember working as a CNA in the hospital when I was in college, and I had this elderly gentlman, John, sadly one of my regulars.  He didn't sleep well at night without his wife around.  I would find him walking down the hall, bare backside in the breeze.  It was funny the first time, even the second.  But as I said, he was a regular.  One night, his feet were bugging him.  I had time, one of the perks and blessings of working in the middle of the night, I could stay and chat with someone if they felt a little chatty.  I offered to give him a footrub.  We do footrubs on each other all the time in my family.  He had never had one.  Married for 40-50 years, and had never had a footrub.  Oh my, I had to take care of that.  He relaxed enough to finally go to sleep.  That night anyway.  I wish I could have given him a footrub every night to help him sleep.   But his illness ended up getting the better of him.  I cried that night too.  I still think of him (and some of my other patients) often.  I liked that job.  The only thing I couldn't do anymore is lift people.  And unfortunately, that's a big part of the job.  Maybe I'll go back into a hospital when I grow up.  Maybe I'll just be a baby holder.  My babies are getting so big.  

My biggest baby had a different crew leader, a high school boy, who is the youngest of 3 boys in his family too.  He and Chris got on very well.  I'd love for my boys to end up like any of those boys, they are so kind and sweet, and it was so sweet to see them snuggled up together.   It's not very often that Chris is in a snuggly mood.  Those are my favorites too.  

Jacob was doing ok when I walked by in the nursery.  He was spacing out in Miss Laurie's lap.  He's getting too big too.  Being almost content in the nursery.  Then he saw my camera, and lost it.  Oh well, I just had to snag him for the rest of the evening.  He's a bit of Mama's little snugglebunny too.  And that's pretty ok by me.