Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Double Booked and Triple Blessed.


This week has just blown by.  It's my fault.  Sam wanted to do Gymnastics Camp at the place he takes gymnastics, so I signed him up.  But then, Christopher wanted to participate in the VBS with his friend Emily, which was the same week.  The problem was that they were both from 9-12 on opposite sides of town.  I didn't think we were going to be able to swing it all.   But then I took note of the small print.   There was a gymastics camp from 9-12 AND 12-3, or BOTH!  And VBS at St. M's was 9-12.  If we signed up Sam for both sessions, and Eric and I each both dropped a boy off in the morning, I could swing the pickups.  And the cost of doubling Sam's week wasn't 2x the original it was only 1/2 as much more.  Sold.
So Sam did 9-3 at Gymnastics, and he was so thrilled to get to pack a lunch and do that day camp.  And Chris got to attend VBS with Emily....and her friends and sisters.

Monday was our first day.  Eric dropped Chris off.  I took Sam in.  Then I had a chiropractor appt, and Jake got a small nap before headed out to pick up Chris.  When we arrived, I watched as they all gave handmade roses to Mary.  They were learning all about the Rosary.  While that is not part of our everyday faith, I don't mind that he learns about it.  It's been very interesting for us to discuss on our drives how people like to Pray in different ways.  And they weren't force feeding tons of Catholicism on him, he has enjoyed it, and it's almost like Catholic Lite, which as you know is practically Lutheran, not that big a difference.  And he's having a great time.

After a lunch break, we went to go get Sam.  And he is having a wonderful time.  
I thought he'd be blithering, but they are doing an art and a craft, so he comes home with 2 goodies, plus he is so excited to Eat in the gym, telling me all about how they got to eat on the bleachers.  

It's pretty crazy, to be this busy, but it makes me happy to see them so happy, and I've been enjoying some quality time with just Jacob in the morning.