Saturday, June 14, 2014

Getting Oily


Well, I'm sold.   Another friend of mine hosted an Essential Oils class, Eric called it a party, but she called it a class. Either way, I got to learn a bit more about Essential Oils.  There's this family that we've been friends with forever, and every gal in there is now a wholesale dealer of Young Living oils.  The boys' swim class was cancelled this morning, so all 5 of us piled in the car, and went over to the hear the spiel.  I was actually very glad I took Eric with me.  When I told him about what I'd seen/learned with Jen, Eric was apprehensive.  He actually thought we were going to get snowed.  But he's known these people longer than me, so when they say they've had x,y,z good effect from oils, even he has to believe.  By the time we left, he said, I don't know that I believe entirely, but I'm not against it.  That's progress.  Sounds like they were able to open both of our minds.  And my mind is getting pretty excited.
Bringing the boys to the class wasn't the best idea though, Jake was a fusspot, even though my friend offered to watch him, he was being himself, and not happy about not being stuck to Mommy for the whole day.  I missed a lot of the testimonies.  But I did get the abridged versions.  One friend told a story how she makes her own lotion with shea butter and oils and rubs it on her kids feet at bedtime. They drink water with lemon oil every day to kick digestive issues.  Another friend told us how they've been slowing ridding their medicine cabinet of drugs in favor of their oils.   One friend's husband had an eye problem and she 'suggested' he try an oil.  He rubbed it on his hands, held them over his eyes, careful to not actually get the oil in his eyes.  He mocked her the whole time, and went to bed.  Hours later, he woke up making random comments about things he was seeing.  He hadn't seen anything but blurs for ages.  And the oils were helping, not curing him, but helping.  That's what really gets me excited.  If I could heal my kids, or even just help them (or Eric!) using natural oils then how much money would we be able to save each month in drugs?!  That might be almost worth getting a job.  But this doesn't sound like a Job job, it doesn't sound like Mary Kay or Pampered Chef party sales, this is basically I'm a supplier.  People can use me or not. I can have parties or just shop for myself, it's up to me.  That may work.  I don't want to push it on anyone, but I do want to try for myself to see if I can change the health of my family.  Improve it.

When I went to learn on Thursday, my friend gave me a sample of LLP (lavender, lemon, and peppermint) to try on Eric for his sinus issues.  But he hadn't really noticed any improvement.  So my other friend tried a concoction of frankincense and eucalyptus globulus in a carrier of grapeseed oil.  She even put it in a roll-on.  She had passed around a bunch of smelly goods for Eric and the other guests to smell.  They all smelled fabulous to me.  But she said that if something doesn't smell good to you, then the odds are, your body needs it.  That was Frankincense for Eric.  He didn't like that one at all.   So he's not exactly thrilled to slather it on.  I think he smells fabulous though.  
So I signed up.  I got a pocket reference guide to oils, that has all kinds of great information, and my kit will get ordered an on its way.  I actually had to buy the book, because Jacob was almost more interested in it than I was. ;) 

I'm really excited, and enthusiastic about being able to help my family through natural plant oils. I'm already thinking of people that I want to help, and things I want to try.  I'm not by nature skeptical about modern medicine.  But I am open to alternatives.  And this one presents itself with a hope that I haven't felt in a while.  I'm really excited.  

Meanwhile, the boys were all bedecked so sweetly for the party, in fact we all were in our flag shirts. Yes, we planned it that way.  Happy Flag Day!