Monday, June 30, 2014

Flowers and Festivity


All my sweeties.  They woke up and were very good after their Sunday night slumber party. 
I managed to get this cute pic of the boys and their cousins before they hit the road this morning. 

4 was hard to capture on camera, but 5 is trickier.  

Mom got back from her trip yesterday, and we thought we'd try to see her before we leave for Chicago.  She asked if the boys and I wanted to meet for lunch.  We split a salmon salad from Boulder Creek.  So yummy.  And it started pouring down rain.  I hadn't been to B.C. in quite a while , so its not surprising that it had changed.  But the rain, that surprised me.  However, when we got home, my flowers were quite happy for the rain. 

My first daisy of the season.   
Even in the rain, they are still a happy flower. 

My day lilies are blooming too. 
We planted a bunch around the mailbox, and they are open and happy this year.  

This was a day lily party crasher.  
One of these is not like the others. 
Still pretty, though. 

This one makes me very happy. 
This is my lavender plant, we just got this year from Chris's school. 
And it's blooming.  It looks really pretty all covered in water droplets. 
And now that I'm finding all kinds of joy in my essential oils, lavender is one of my favorites.

To end the day, we went to dinner with Mom and Dad, before we leave for Chicago tomorrow.  
It's Mom's birthday tomorrow, so we celebrated a little early.  Sam picked out a light up Cinderella card for her, that sang a song that wasn't from the movie, and we all got a big kick out of it.  It was a cute card.  Calling Mom princess was pretty sweet.  I'm glad we got to squeeze a visit in before we head to Chicago.