Monday, June 30, 2014

Over the hurdles of VBS


On Tuesday, we still had VBS. All week long Baby.  I was so exhausted Tuesday.  I didn't think I was going to make it through the week.  I walked into VBS thinking, you know what?!  If this stupid computer doesn't do what I want it to do.  I'm going home.  No wait, I'm going to leave all my children at church, and go have dinner with My Husband!  I was mad after the miserable failure (or at least I thought it was) of Monday night.  I did not have Faith that it was going to work.  I didn't think they'd give us the password we needed for my photo card to work with their computer.  Or for it to work with Eric's computer, and for his to work with the church's.  It's very confusing, but let's just say, I did Not have Faith in the system.

Silly Mommy.  

So I went around taking my pictures.  
I was in a snit.  I'd dropped off Chris at karate, then forgotten my phone and my master list, so had to go home, resulting that I didn't get dinner.  Sam ate cereal bars that I happened to eat in the car.  I made Chris a peanut butter sandwich for after karate, which I don't think he ate either.  Not eating makes me grumpy.  Having computers not work the way I want makes me grumpy too.   

But taking pictures of kids...well, that doesn't make me grumpy.  

Pharoh's heart was getting soft.  

I took my pictures, and Christopher was being enchanting playing the games.  It was rainy, so the games were indoors, but Chris is so enthusiastic.  Even when he's not winning, he's still got some great energy.  

It's hard for me to be grump watching these kids have such a good time.  
It's hard for me to be a grump when I see these crew leaders just being so great with my kids and everyone else's kids.  

Chris was supposed to hold my Jesus sign for one of the powerpoint slides.  I told him, Hey Kid, Stand Up!  Stand Up for Jesus!  So he did. ;) 

And Eric set his computer up for  me, and he was actually able to rig it up so I could load my pics onto his computer, and throw it on the public drive, and access it (and work with the pics) in the sanctuary to get my power point present to work.  It worked!  It wasn't easy, it wasn't the most smooth system.  But it worked. And when it was done, I had about 20 minutes, Eric ran for Taco Bell for us for dinner, and we were able to cram down some food.  Taco Tuesdays. :) 

When my show was going, we were out in the narthex.  The little kids in the nursery were out for a walk, and when Jake saw us, well, he was Ours.  So he spent the Closing running around the empty halls.  He adored all the jungle decorations.  

Jake's favorite decoration was the balloon tree made by our friend Jeanine.  

Sam and his crew were meanwhile having a Fabulous time watching Miss Lori do some crazy cooking in front of the church.  Crazy.  I think she was trying to make a cake using coffee, salsa, and baking soda, and it sounded gross.  But I know that in real life, Miss Lori is a wonderful cook.  

For the end of the evening, we got a special treat.  We took all the Julius girls home with us for a slumber party!  Well, the twins stayed overnight. Their first time!  Em got to play with us for a while.  There was craziness abounding up until bedtime. Apparently, the twins were so excited, they told Everyone they saw that they were coming to Cathy's house.  I love having girls in the car, it's an entirely different dynamic for me.  Their chatter is so much cuter than boy fighting.  It makes me want to go , Oh, let's talk about boys and painting our nails! ;)   Of course, they chatted about VBS, and crazy Miss Lori's cooking, which was pretty fun too.