Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Last Day in the woods


These were pictures I took on Friday morning, on our way to our last drop-off at Day Camp. 
The boys really enjoyed taking the walking "shortcut" much better than driving around.  

Jacob wasn't in the mood for a selfie.  

That's ok.  He did pretty well.  He didn't like that I spent the morning packing up and loading the car.  He would get mad every time I left the house. 

 Christopher received an award from Emily, his counselor, as D.C. All Star for his Joyous Enthusiasm when it came to ....Everything they did.  She said they loved how excited he got about Everything.  That didn't surprise me much.  All I could get out of them was "Day Camp was Awesome!"  Sam got an award too, he was voted "Cuddly Cutie" but his counselor Amy balled up his in his wet swim bag, and didn't present it very nicely.  I got a kick out of the fact that his counselors were named after people they knew.   And they were nice kids, but I didn't like that a. they lost Sam's hat (I mean, come on, he's 5, he's not going to take good care of it like Chris) but at least he didn't come home sunburned, and b. they kept putting paperwork in the bag with wet towels, and the wet towels were soaking their clothes, and c. they didn't make the kids put their clothes back on after they go to the pool!   I'm glad the kids had a great time and all.  But I didn't really feel all that was worth my money or my time.  I get 'VBS is Awesome' too and that's free and I don't have to drive nearly as far. I am sorry that my visit didn't go as well as it does for others at that camp.  Maybe we were just unlucky.  Maybe I just had expectations that were too high.  I don't know.  I decided not to stay for the Massive Camp Bonfire Friday night.  I drove home. 

 I missed my husband, home, dog, and bed.  Although, not necesarily in that order. ;)  This was the longest I'd been away from home since 2012!

What a Beautiful Surprise I arrived to when I got home!  Eric had glazed the countertops in the kitchen!

Eric said he was working on 2 surprise projects while we were gone.  Some things he wanted to work on when the kids weren't around.   He glazed the kitchen (which involved a hefty amount of counter cleanup no doubt!) and built us a Mudroom Boot Bench/locker thing, which I can't wait to use.  I didn't know the counter was going to get so shiny.  We can even see finger prints.  Man, I'm going to have to really keep that badboy clean.  

My first thought was Hey! Wow!  If he's going to do all this while we're gone in the evenings, well, then we need to leave for a week more often! Except for how exhausted, filthy, grumpy, and itchy (and a few other reject dwarves) we were, I don't know if I'll be up for running away with all three alone again for a while.  

This is our "boot bench" he built it himself.  It still needs another shelf he wants to get nailed in near the top, and some hooks for hanging backpack and whatnot on it.  But Zowie Wowie!  I think we're going to get a lot of use out of this.  


Unknown said...

The kitchen counter and mud room bench look awesome