Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Stupid ducts


So, Friday was pretty crummy.  For the 4th time in 3 weeks I had another plugged duct.  If boob talk bugs you, just look at this picture of Jake.  After all, it is all his fault.  Then move on.

Yeah, so I woke up in the morning tender, sore, and hot boob.  It was the same one that's been acting up.  I immediately got out the breast pump so I could pump before Eric left, I took a hot bath, parking myself right under the faucet and turning up the temp up so hot that my skin was pink. I hurt.  Eric took Sam to school, he's sweet like that.  I caved and called the doctor's office.  Since we've all been so 'healthy' this year, this is the first year in like 5 we haven't hit our deductible by March, so if I go, I've gotta pay for it.  I've been disinclined to do so.  But the pain got to me Friday, so I decided to call.  I was thinking, I can make it through the weekend, just doing what I have been, but I should probably be seen Monday.  Yeah, they didn't care.  They were like, the first available is 7:15 AM next Friday morning.  Seriously?!
Did I have a fever?  No.  Blessedly, I didn't have the mastitis signs, no fever, no red lines.  Well, there was redness, but it was just the pushing and heat I'd just done.  But they weren't worried.  I balked a bit, so they put me on with a nurse, and she cared even less.  I can't wear a bra!  Which if you know me should be illegal in at least 8 states because I hurt so much.  But she just said, do all the things you've been doing.  Pump. Bathe. Massage.  But then when the pain goes away, keep doing it for a few days.  You really need to work all the cottage cheese out.  My words, not hers.  I have this milk blister that keeps coming  back.  I had to lance it the second time.  But the scab was what caused #3 flareup, I think.  This time, I massaged enough I got milk moving through it.   And I pumped.  And I put Jacob to work.

Jacob worked hard Friday, he was nursing primarily the left side all day, by evening I was not feeling as much pressure.  That is not his favorite side.  I don't think it puts out as much as the right.  And neither does he.  He gets snippy.  Plus he's got allergies and runny nose.  We're a pair of pretty nothin's.  He joined me in the evening for a second bath.  I did get out of the house on Friday though.  I wanted to take Jake to Kindermusik.  I had a surprise for Aunt Amy to give to Val who's having a little girl, just a wee bitty spring cover blanket.  

Jacob makes a fine model.  He's pretty in pink.  Though this pic was taken over Spring Break. 

Anyway, I went to music class, painfully jostled all over the place.  I wore a tank top and a shirt, since there was just No Bra in my future.  I'm wondering if I just need a new bra. It's been a year, and I wonder if that's part of my problem. It occurs to me that buying a new bra would be significantly cheaper than going to the doctor.  But Jake and I just napped in the afternoon, thankfully Sam was obliging too.  But I find it hard to sleep, my arm goes numb if I lay on my right for too long, but it hurts to lay on my left because the weight of the upper boob pushes down the sore one.  And there's No Way I could sleep on my tummy right now, even if Jacob wasn't in my bed all the time.  It really is all his fault you know.