Friday, May 9, 2014

Tuesday in the Park


Tuesday was a Beautiful day.  The temps got up to 80!  My friend Melissa and I decided to resume our Tuesday adventure days, so we met at Arbuckle Park.  Sam had a great time, and was off playing immediately.

I told him to smile at me, he didn't.  He just kept doing his own thing.  

I remember freaking out everytime Chris would climb this ladder of death.  
But Sam's a pro. And I didn't freak out, even though he was in cowboy boots, which don't exactly have tons of tread.   Still he really is gaining so much strength and balance this year, I think it's combined due to growing and gymnastics.  What a great strong boy.  

Jake stayed at the sidelines with his new friend Brynn, who is a loaner of Melissa's.  
They were quite content to people watch for a while.  They really perked up when a train went by.  
Such a boy. 

Yes, I took Jacob to the park and threw him in a swing.  
I tried to feed him some squeegee applesauce, but he didn't want to eat it.  He just wanted to hold it.  
Hold it and swing.  

He has the best giggle when he's playing.  He had a great time on the swing!  

My middlest poser on the rocks before we hit the road.  

He has a pretty wonderful smile too. 

We picked a perfect day to go to the park.  
I love spring.  I love the park. 
I particularly love the park in spring!