Friday, May 30, 2014

A Big Day for my Biggest


Some brother was very happy to see his little brothers when the boys and I showed up at Field Day. 
I love going to cheer for Chris and his classmates on Field Day.  
Last year, Eric came with me since I was still a little under the weather after having Jacob, so he drove and we didn't stay long.  But this year, I packed Jake on my back, and Sam and I hiked that field to find Chris and his class lost among all the cuteness of the elementary school.  Chris was so thrilled when he found us, and vice versa. 

Jacob thought the whole process was interesting.  

He was rather enchanting.  Lots of kids thought he was so sweet.  He was mad I put a hat on him.  We had water to drink, and we yelled really loud.  It was in the 80s so nice and warm for a day outside, and sunny.  But not too hot.  

We watched Chris throw tennis balls and mark his spot with a flag, and we cheered for him and his classmates.  Then the cross country event began.  Then Jacob started to scream his head off.  Chris did great, he was in the lead pack for the first half of the loop.  But then he reached his limit, and slowed way way down.  Jacob screamed his head off for the whole race.

I videotaped it, but it's a little long and wonky, so HERE if you want to see Chris in his race.  I think we're going to be doing some training together this summer.  He and I both could stand for some improvement, and he's got a great sprint, he could Run like his Daddy I bet.

After his race he was pretty pooped out. 

We headed back home, I thought he'd be Exhausted by the end of the day. 
But he wasn't.  He had schemy ideas.  He wants to be a Cub Scout.  Last week we attended an information meeting about Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. And it just so happened they were having their annual campout this Friday evening.  Hmm.  Chris wanted  to go so bad.  Only we're leaving town to go camping this weekend.  As a compromise I told him we'd attend.  It was supposed to be a weinie roast, and bonfire. 
So after Eric got home from work, we went.  

Chris went crazy, he wanted to run through the field of tall grass. His legs were breaking out when we left.  He and Sam got eaten alive by mosquitoes, and didn't care a bit.   When I finally did hit them with bug bomb it was too late.  And we were there for 2 hours before they even started the fire for dinner.  Eric and I were starving.  Sam had drunk his weight in lemonade, so he didn't care that dinner was late.  But I did.  Jake was done too.  Chris thought watching the big kids start the fire was great.  

Little did Chris know that Miss Marcy had a huge tent and extended an open invitation for anyone who didn't have a tent (or want to put one up) could just bring a sleeping bag and crash on their floor.  So I had packed one in the trunk.  I told Chris I was packing for the camping trip, not entirely untrue.  So when we were ready to go, and Chris had been behaving well, I unloaded a sleeping bag, and gave him to Miss Marcy.  I gave my child to a woman I barely knew for an overnight.  It was very strange, an exercise in trust.  But we did it.  And I have no doubt Chris has had an Amazing time!