Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Date Night


Saturday night, my boob still hurt.  But I rested most of the day, took another hot bath.  It's the cleanest I've been in a while. ;)  And didn't put a bra on.  Broke out another tank top ensemble.

The high point of our day was for the boys.  The boys were going to a Gymnastics Slumber Party.  They did it 1 1/2 years ago, right after Halloween.  This was Fusion's spring party.  And we were lucky they agreed to let Chris AND Sam attend.  Now Sam is the one doing gymnastics since Chris is in karate.   They were so excited.  Jake and I had stayed in our jammies just nursing and chilling until it was time to go.

They got to stay at gymnastics from 7 pm until 8 am.  And we dropped Jacob off at Grandma's house.  

You know what that means?!  Yup - Date Night!  

Eric and I couldn't decide which we wanted to do more, go to a movie, or go out to dinner.  
But in honor of my birthday, we decided to do both.  
After considerable debate (like half the day) we decided to try out the Thai Spice restaurant in Greenwood.  
This place had been recommended to us by the two most notorious foodies I know: my sister, and cousin Kyle.  So it had to be good.  And it was!  As we drove up, I took it as a good sign that the parking lot was so crowded we had to park at the strip mall next door.  As we were walking up, a couple in a pickup pulled over and told us we should go to the place a couple doors down, My Thai Cafe, something like that, that the wait here at Thai Spice was 30 minutes, with just about as long as that to wait for food. We stood there for a moment, considering it.  It was already 7:30.  But we watched people pulling out of the parking lot, and thought, you know what?!  We drove all the way down here, we got rid of the kids, if we have to wait a while, So What.  At least we don't have any screaming children, so we are much more capable of sitting and waiting.  Only when we got inside, there were a half dozen people, and just as many empty tables, so we were seated within 5 minutes.   
We ordered a sampler which had spring rolls, chicken satay and tofu with peanut sauce.  In general I am not a fan of tofu.  However, it's all about what you do to it.  And everything is better with peanut sauce, even tofu.   And it was!  With the chicken satay they had a cucumber sauce that was reminiscent of the stuff that I loved at Thai Lanna before they switched owners.  And it was Good.  We snarfed it down.  I also ordered some Thom Yum soup.  I usually like it pretty mild, but the mildest their soup is medium.  So I got it.  And it had some kick.  But it had all that fresh vegetable lemongrassy goodness that I have come to love out of Tom Yum soup.   It was hot enough my lips were burning by the time my main meal arrived, like buffalo wing medium/hot.  Eric got Thai Hot, and he was crying.  It was a good cry though.   
For our main meal, I got shrimp pad thai, I ordered medium, and glad I did.  After the soup being a little hot for me, I was worried.  She said the pastas weren't as spicy, because the spice is felt more in the liquids.  Eric didn't cry at his thai hot coconut pasta with peanut sauce either. I may have to get that one next time.  I tried only one  noodle of his, it was good, but I was too afraid to go for a perfect bite.

I took this picture as we were almost done, with mostly empty table (the key is to go at 8 on a Saturday night, like we're in LA or something).  My pic came out blurry, but I loved the decor. The light fixtures were beaded upside down lotus blossoms.  The furniture reminded me of this old chinese restaurant we loved in the late 70s and 80s.  My favorite was the inside the bathroom.  The sink was like a sculpture by Dale Chihuly, with the sink bowl made of pink and green glass, and the faucet like one of his green spindle things at The Children's Museum.  What a nifty experience.  And the food was great too!   
All in all, I approve, and I will totally go back to Thai Spice again!  
If only it wasn't so far away. They need a Brownsburg sister restaurant!   

After dinner, we caught the 9 o'clock show of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  We haven't gone to Dinner AND a Movie in a couple years, we usually have to choose one or the other.  It was pretty good, but I predicted what was going to happen 5 minutes in.  It did help explain what has been going on in our primetime tv S.H.I.E.L.D show.  Now I can't wait for 'Part 3: Steve Saves Bucky'.

It was a great date night, but the best of all?  Our kids behaved.  Jake let us escape for 5 hours, that's a record, but With good behavior? Wow, it's completely unprecedented.  Looks like more date nights may be in our futures.