Monday, May 26, 2014

Little things

I have to start this with a bit of backtracking.   Friday night, after dinner, there was still a nice chunk of day light available, so Eric said he wanted to go out and work on the lawn.  Fine by us.  The boys were "cleaning" the basement, and Jake was taking a nap on me.    Suddenly, the boys came upstairs into the kitchen, and saw Daddy putting the tent together out back, and plum lost their minds with joy.   Eric was putting the tent up, he'd brought around the firepit and grill into the backyard.  Chris yelled, "We need our camping chairs!"

Yes they did.  
So within minutes (probably a half an hour, but it felt faster than that) we were all seated around the fire. 
The boys were excited to sleep outside, just as it should be on a mild weekend introducing us to summer.

Sam had come inside yelling, "Time to break out the marshmallows!"  
And we went looking, but Oh  No, we were out.  So to improvise, they split a smores flavored granola bar.
And we sat outside.  Chris asked Daddy to tell us a scary fiction story, and Daddy delivered.  
He got us all good, and we jumped sky high!  I won't tell it, just in case, he does it again.

It was Jake's first bonfire.  I don't think we had many last year.  I don't remember having him fireside.  Neither Eric or I had energy to get outside last year.  So, I'm claiming this as his first.  He was hypnotized by the fire.  I take it as a good sign, I think he might enjoy camping as much as his brothers. 

All this is what makes THIS picture the most important.  
This is why this one is my picture of the day.  

One of the reasons we broke out the tent, was to make sure it was still in good shape, to clean it out, because we're going camping this next weekend.  Honestly, I've been rather terrified to go camping since Chris has gotten his mace.  The idea of parking him for an hour in a camping bathroom scares me.  Then one of my support groups suggested a potty tent.  I researched them, and earlier this spring we bought this potty tent, and a little potty, and special 'double dootie' bags to capture...the evidence.  But Eric and I thought we might want to do a test run before we find ourselves in the wilderness unable to flush Chris.  He was thrilled at the possibility.  He couldn't wait to get his Flush Tent up and running.  

The only problem we had was that Eric didn't recognize there was a hook in the center that would bare the weight of the water bag, so he held it the first time.  But there is a hook, and it will work out just fine.  Chris did great.  He read a book while he was in there. Sam was so excited he pulled his camping chair around to the window so that he could hang out with Chris.  There are 2 windows, and no floor, and a D shaped door. And it didn't get too hot or stuffy in there, Chris thought it was great.  
This picture of him was the only one I took Saturday.  I was so happy the flush went well, it opens a whole new world for us.  If Chris can do flushes while camping, well, then he can Go Camping!  I can't wait to see how it goes this next weekend.  I Thank God for little gifts like this, that make his life just like any other kid's life.  You wouldn't think that a potty tent would bring me that much joy.  But it does.  It gives Chris another step towards freedom.  

Meanwhile, the kids had such a nice time reading stories outdoors, we found them after the flush reading again.  This made me laugh.  Eric took this picture.  Just like Ma and Pa, the boys discovered that it's nice to read a book out in the fresh air.  


Unknown said...

I love it amd completely understand the joy you have from the potty tent.