Saturday, May 10, 2014

Front yard playtime


Wednesday night, after Sam's program, the boys came home and just played in the driveway for a bit.  I bumped into our neighbor Jaime out for a walk, and our new next door neighbor is almost finished building his house, and we were all chatting in the street.  One of Chris's classmates from down the street saw us, and came riding by on her bike, she started to raz Chris a bit about his training wheels, but just as I was about to bulldog a bit at her, instead she turned to me, and asked me why we're never home.  I'm home.  I'm home all the time.  Then I thought about it.  But this is the first year, we've really felt like playing outside.  This is the first time at the new house, that I am content to just sit in the grass.  The first year, it was too rocky and muddy.  And Sam and Chris still needed a bit of supervision.  Last year, I was coming off a fresh surgery, and barely was getting off the couch.  So yeah, this is the first year, we're really doing it up at this house.  We're getting some flowers, I picked up some flowers plants from the big boys' school fundraisers, and I'm going to grow some cucumbers this summer.  I'm starting to get healthier.  I've lost 5 pounds in 3 weeks, and started moving my bottom to exercise and watch  my caloric intake a bit better.   It's helping.  I feel better.  I FEEL like getting out of the house.

Thursday morning, I gave Jacob a haircut before we went to Kindermusik class.   And afterwards, Sam wanted to play outside.  So we did.  Jake and I sat in the grass.  He looks like such a boy.  Such a little boy.  Not so much my baby anymore.  He's a boy.  And if he can reach out and touch me a little bit, he's ok with touching the grass.

And Sam discovered the beauty of blowing the seeds off dandelions.   

These are wonderful spring days, giving me a taste of what this summer will be like.  
I see the big boys playing outside, and I'll work on getting Jacob comfortable in the grass.  Our yard is finally in good enough shape to have some fun in the yard.  Oh yes, Thursday was a hot one, in the high 80s for temp, so I can get a good idea of what this summer will entail.  Inside, outside, playtime all day.  
Yeah, I'm excited.