Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Toes


I promised my sister, and thus my nieces that when I did my toes I would take a picture. 

So here it is.  Aunt Cathy's happy toes. 

For our birthday wingding on Sunday, my nieces had gone on a shopping spree.  They picked me out a pair of sparkly sandals.  They're a little too small, but I think I'll keep them as garden flips just to pad around the yard and protect my feet a bit, mainly because they were a gift, and because they are Sparkly.  

The other thing the girls picked out for me was nail polish.  My toes were overdue for a painting, and I'm too cheap and broke to go for a proper pedicure, so I grabbed the nail polishes from the girls and had Sam pick which one I should do first.  He picked Annie's which was kind of sparkly brown/orange/pinky color.  I thought it was a great shade for Fall, in fact, it's name is Fall Sparkle something.   So after dropping Sam off, I went to Kathleen's for our semi-annual viewing of a Hallmark movie.  And I painted my toes while Jacob played on the floor and the big kids were in school.  There aren't going to be many more days of big kids in school left for us to play, so we've got to make hay while the sun shines.  

Ooo - it's a Sparkly!