Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spoiled More Than Sufficiently

You're going to laugh at me.  All the pictures that I take, and I seriously neglected to take any pictures today. Well, today was my day, and the boys were too busy spoiling me, to take pictures.  :) 

To start off, the birthday pig brought me some great old movies on dvd:  The Ten Commandments, in a honking huge box set.  And Gone With the Wind.  And Casablanca.  Classics!  
Chris and Sam were as excited about my pig presents as they were for their own.  Then we went downstairs for breakfast - of course, honey flakey biscuit egg sandwiches.  We are creatures of habit.  Then the boys gave me their gifts.  This year, Chris and Sam both decided Before Shopping what they wanted to get me.  Sam wanted to get me "a pretty necklace and a rainbow cup", so he got me a pretty sterling silver heart necklace that says Mom in the middle, with matching ss cz earrings a big green water bottle...Eric says he saw green before he saw rainbow colored, and there was no holding him back.  It's so sweet they got excited about my birthday.  I also love to find the perfect presents for my loved ones, so perhaps that's something I can pass on, the joy in giving someone something they really enjoy.  Chris gave me a waterproof bag for my tablet...actually 2, he said that when we go camping, I'll need something to protect my computer from the mess and moisture.  I can honestly say, I never would have thought of that.  But now I'm happy that I'm all set.  Eric gave me a bag of giant clips.  
I had no idea what that was about.  I stared at them, and he said they went with something else, and he disappeared.  When he returned, he held a giant pack-n-play bag.  I looked and said, Thanks for the Pack-n-play.   He laughed, and I unzipped it.  Inside was a green sheet folded up.  Apparently, it was my own lighting umbrella set with a green screen background.  So I can take start doing portraits here at home...or wherever I chose to set up.  I'm getting pretty excited about it.  I didn't think I'd be able to afford fancy camera equipment for a long while.   I can't wait to research that!  
Sam had Kindermusik this morning, and unfortunately Jacob was in a snit by the time we left, for he'd woke up for the day at 5:45.  My mother in law felt bad she couldn't take me to lunch because she had other classes, so she'd packed a care package for me of birthday treats.  This slayed me.  

So this was the only picture I took all day.  
Honestly though, check it out, that's me in a nutshell.  These are the treats to get me through any rough day.  1 Starbucks frappuccino - good for the morning. 2, A diet cherry 7up, it's my Special Treat.  If you've never heard the story of me coming out of anesthesia, remind me to tell you that one another time.  3. Purse wine.  You can't go wrong.  I tell you, she knows me so well!  This just absolutely slayed me, it was so perfect and so funny at the same time.  Sam was jealous.  Luckily, she also gave me some cookie dough bites, chocolate covered bits of cookie goodness. Sam loved those.  No red 40 there my friend.  I may have someone to fight me for sweets around here. 

But I couldn't dally. Jacob had been up so long, he'd gotten up before the big boys, and that's too early for sweetboy trying to drop his morning nap.  So by the time class was over at 10:30, Jake was ready to crash.  So crash he did, while I drove to Eric's work to kidnap him for lunch.  Except that he kidnapped me in turn and took me out to a nice birthday lunch.  I had been craving Fogo de Chao for ages.  I'd wanted that salad bar and all you can eat meat-fest for ages, but when I was sick there was no way I could make it there.  And we thought it would be crazy to take the kids.  Except that going out with just Sam and Jake is a much different dynamic than with Chris, Sam and Jake.  So we went.  And it was good.  Sam got a little ootsy, but he ate his weight in bread, cheese, and carmelized bananas.  He ordered a drink they called a limeade, and it was Amazing.  Sam chose wisely with that one!  I ate my weight in beef, and spent a couple days calories on that meal alone.  It was so good.  But now I'm good. I had sushi with Lisa on Saturday, meat today, what's left, right!?

But no.  I had to eat again.  After school, Chris had piano lessons, but we did his homework first, and I didn't have to yell at him much at all.  Hooray!  Honestly, if an entire day goes by that I don't have to yell at Chris, it's a good day.  It wasn't too bad today.  Daddy took all the boys to piano lessons so I could have some time alone, just a bit, enough to thank all the folks that had wished me a happy birthday.  It's so nice to feel so loved!  And then afterwards, he picked me up, and we went out for dinner.  We were headed into Steak-n-Shake, when the boys started playing picky slappy in the car, in the parking lot; we were on the sidewalk when I said Never Mind.  Let's turn around.  If they're acting like nuts before we're even seated, there's no way I'm going to make it through the meal without yelling at them, and I don't want that.  So we drove thru instead.  Though the big boys lost their minds a bit, it ended up being a much better choice.  We grabbed our grub and parked in front of the tv, where we got to watch Sleeping Beauty , or Beeping Sleuty as my father would say. The kids got a big kick out of that.  Maleficent scared them a little, but not as much as she scared/scares me.  That green light still gives me the willies.  But it was nice to sit in our living room, sipping on a birthday milkshake and just call it a day.  

The celebration isn't over.  We're still going to be celebrating through the weekend.  I love this time of year, it means lots of good food and time with family, and usually lovely weather.  Happy May Day everyone.