Monday, May 26, 2014

To be Free to have a cookout


We had the fam over for a cookout last night for Memorial Day weekend. 
Last weekend, I went to this photography class, and the teacher recommended a website, digital photography school.  My first assignment was Food.  I was to take a picture of something pretty foodwise.  Unfortunately, this week, we just didn't have the opportunity to eat pretty food.  
So, this weekend, I decided I'd get a little fancy.  I saw something like this done last year on pinterest.  Now, generally, I'm not fancy enough to make fancy food.  But I loved the idea of a flag made of fruit.  So I gave it a go, and it wasn't too hard.  Although I did learn, I don't have much in the way of flat display dishware.  
Still, this would have been my contribution to the Food assignment if I'd done it before the end of the week.  I didn't get it done on time.  Even still, not only did I prep the food, I took the picture in manual, and both turned out just as I wanted, I'm rather proud of myself.  Tasty too! 

Of course, I didn't prepare all the food. It was a pitch-in.  We had fruit, potato salad, and chicken marinating.  And Mom and Dad brought brats, burgers, and buns.  Eric did the grilling outside.  I saw this internet meme the other day, it said. Memorial Day, in case you thought it was National BBQ day.  I don't forget the reasons for the seasons.  Honestly, on this day we got the best reason of all to celebrate, my brother in law is back from Jordan.  Though he went directly to Texas, and Lisa went to visit my Grandma.  On Memorial day she used to go to Michigan to put flowers on the graves, now Li and my Mom join her.  So it is just perfect for us to spend the weekend with family, with those that will have us.  And we're free to have our cookout because of all that has been done before us.  And boy did we! 

We had quite a haul.  And it was yummy!  It was so nice to have the fam over.  We hadn't seen everyone since Jake's birthday weekend, when Cole got baptized.  And at that age, they grow so fast.  Cole and Jake were almost interacting, and Jacob and Jeremiah were practically playing together, almost ready to fight over toys.  These three sweetboys are going to be a lot of fun.  

Baby Cole was sporting his Batman onesie and big we got for him.  He looked pretty fabulous.  
When I broke out the camera, he hammed it up for me.  

After dinner, we girls were sitting around, full.  Mom said, you know this is why I like to go for a walk.  Honestly, it sounded like a great idea.  I hadn't moved my body much this week since hurting my back. Then I tweaked my foot on Friday too.  This was one time I actually felt like getting out.  So we all loaded up and took over our road, the whole fam going for a walk.  We were a funny crew.  3 strollers and a car full of crazy. 

Christopher wanted to drive his purple car for his drive/ride around the block.  

I was rather amazed the thing could bear the weight of Kaylee, Chris AND Sam.  Honestly, it was going pretty slow, so they kept switching drivers. (Why do we call them 'Chinese Fire Drills'? I started to tell the kids about that, when I realized how un - P.C that sounded)  Once there were only a couple kids in the car, it went a little faster.  

Sam got to drive for the very first time.  Chris shared.  That was pretty historic.  Chris had gotten out to run/walk the rest of the way.  By the time we were on the home stretch, Sam was driving all by himself.  I was very proud of Sam, for a new driver he did quite well.  He had to pull over for 2 cars, Chris and Kaylee didn't even have to deal with that.  

After we got home from our walk, somehow it was 8 o'clock, the evening had snuck away from us.  And it was time for our guests to go home.  But before we turned in for the night, I wanted to snap a few pics of the boys in their patriotic garb for the holiday weekend.  

Jacob is wearing the same outfit the boys wore when they were 1 on 4th of July, and the red t-shirts were from 2012.  They still look really great.  We had Grandma, Grandpa, and Daddy all being crazy behind me trying to get all three to smile. 

Yes, I think Jacob is teething, his molars seem to be coming in, he's always chewing on a finger. 

My silly sweetboys.