Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Last


It's hard to believe that Wednesday was my last long day to be productive with just Jake until August.   Sam had his last day of art class, and last long day of school.  Friday he'll be out at noon, and its his last day.  I hate shopping with 2 or 3 yahoos, so I knew that would have to be my last chance for a while to make it to Costco.  So my sister and I arranged to meet up and hit Costco and she wanted to hit the Asia Food Mart in Castleton.  So it was a Date.

On my way out of the house, I noticed that the first of our irises had started to bloom in the rain.  And they were lovely.  I only had my point and shoot, but they really were gorgeous!

It rained off and on all day.  And the raindrops looked so pretty on the budding flowers. 

The were like jewels.
And taking pictures of pretty flowers makes me happy.

These irises came from our old house.  And before that, I had been given a bag of bulbs from my Grandma's house when they lived in Columbus.

They didn't bloom the first year, and not much last year, but this year they are happy.
Me too.

So, after my mad attempt at flower photos, I took Sam to school.  Then I zipped north and met Lisa at Costco just as they opened.  We shopped the whole store, since it was a layout I wasn't used to.  By the time we were done, my blood sugar was crashing.  So, we 'NEEDED' to have lunch.  So we 'NEEDED' Thai food.  In fact, it was a thai emergency, almost.  So we dashed over to Thai Taste, to cure the day's need for Tom Yum Soup.  Whew!  
It was close.  It was rainy, but the place was great.  The soup wasn't as spicy as Thai Spice that E and I went to a few weeks ago, but the soup tasted like it was made of liquid freshness, clear yet so full of flavor, I don't know how they do it.  Lisa has been on a quest to make her own, and I may have to join her. Because it is my new favorite soup.   We got in while the getting was good, shortly before the working folk started coming in on their lunch hour.  Even Jake had a decent time, being plied with cheerios.  I preferred the soup.  And downed my shrimp pad thai, I think I need to leaeern how to cook thai food.  Eric made up a recipe of peanut butter noodles last night, and it was so good, I snarfed it down and needed seconds.  I may have a thai food problem.