Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Time to water the flowers


They've been threatening rain for the last 2 1/2 days.  We planted the raspberry plants, that my friend brought this weekend, because we thought it would rain.  We planted the end of school marigold Sam gave me on his last day, and the petunia Jake received on his last day of kindermusik class.  We really thought it was going to rain.  Only, it didn't.  It was supposed to rain all week, and be sunny all weekend.  It will now rain of course, because we caved this evening, and watered the flowers.

After the watering was done, the water droplets sparkled on the flowers, so I grabbed the camera and went out to practice some shots.

My kousa dogwood is blooming.  It's beautiful.  

The lighting was kind of fuzzy as the sun was setting, but it turned out just perfect. 

This one almost looks like a cross to me.  So cool. 

Water droplets on the begonia that Daddy got me for my birthday that we planted in the hanging basket. 

The begonia center.

Last year, Eric got me a pink knockout rose. This thing really does Knock Out these blooms.  It has the prettiest pink blooms.   I don't even need to doctor these.  Or any of these pictures really, the colors just pop!

Lo, a rose ere blooomin'!

I love these pretty little blooms.  

Lastly, a few shots of the carnation that Chris picked out when we went shopping on Saturday morning. 
For 1$, he picked out a pretty red, white, and blue carnation.  
He has pretty good taste. ;) 

I know how they made it.  They took a white carnation, put in water with blue dye for a while, then switched to red before selling it to us.  But it really is beautiful.  And perfectly patriotic for this Memorial Day weekend.

God and man can sometimes make some really beautiful things when they work together.


Mary Preston said...

Your photos are amazing! I'm in love with the last one!!! I want to print it and put it on my wall!