Sunday, May 11, 2014

Karate - Palooza!


 Yesterday was a big karate day for Christopher.  First they had a Belt Promotion Ceremony.  The last time we went, it didn't go very well for Sam and Jake.  They were hot messes so I missed most of the ceremony.  This time, I got smart.  I left the youngsters home with Daddy, and Chris and I went alone.  

He performed his Pinan Nidan kata for Shihan, and did so well, he got bumped up from level 2 to level 3! 

And he graduated from green belt to blue belt. 
From Sam's favorite color to Chris's favorite color. 

After the belt promotion, the studio was holding an open house.  They have been so busy, they are opening a secondary location.  It just turns out to be on our way home, next door to our chiropractor, dentist, and my preferred location to have a pedicure.  It's a great strip mall. And Chris wanted to pop by...probably because they were told there would be cookies.  And there were.  There was also a goofball who wanted to climb things, shoot things, and clobber anyone.  He was wound up by the black belt kids giving their displays.  I was so proud of him during his ceremony.  

When we came home - THIS was what I found.  
Eric and Sam were planting our flowers and plants that we got from the kid's school plant sales.  I got snapdragons, and a citronella plant, a lavender plant.  For my birthday, I received a passle of herbs.  And I'd found some pickling cucumbers.  So this year, for the first in ages it feels, we're going to have a Garden!  
Oh, and Jake was in the pen in the frontyard while Daddy worked.  Rather brilliant. 
Anyway, after a quick boobysnack for Jake, it was back to the Dojo for Chris and I....

For Karate Mom Olympics! 

Yes, it was as crazy as it sounds.  They have a Mom and kid class, and they call it Karate Mom Olympics.  Last year, I'd just had Jacob, and there was no way I could do anything like that.  Eric participated in the Dad version and had a good time.  Frankly, I was excited to finally be healthy enough to participate this year! And Chris wanted me to.  How could I resist?!
And I'd like to thank another mom for taking these pictures of Chris and I having our own epic battle.  It was a karate class for parents and kids.  And we got to battle each other.  I won, but barely.  We get points for tagging each other with the foam sword. I got him first, then he got me 1 point,  and lastly, I tagged him.  But we were laughing so hard, it was so much fun.  We got to have an epic Moms vs. Kids battle.  It was close, but the kids pulled it out in the end.   
It was quite a workout, but a lot of fun.  It was offered to get a free month free of karate class for all the moms, and for the first time I was tempted.  Chris even taught me some of his kata, which was a lot harder to remember than I thought. I was the only one who even tried to learn pinan nidan, which is the third level for him of moves to memorize.  I should've picked an easier one.  I was not very good.  But I did have fun.  

I don't think I've laughed that hard at myself in a long time.  I'm a big girl, and I don't move easily, but it was Fun, and I'm surprised that I didn't hurt myself.  Chris promised he'll try and teach me some of the easier things, so that if I ever decide to do karate, I'll be ahead of the game.  I think I'd like to sometime.  It was really fun, I was happily surprised.