Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Book Affair


Christopher's school was having a Thing this week.  I thought it was just an informal book fair, but apparently there was an Arts element to it also, but I thought it might be nice to pop by after piano.  I got to be the one to take Chris to piano lessons this week.  It had been a few weeks since I had been able to.  We usually let Chris choose who he wants, and at first he wanted Daddy, then he changed his mind and wanted me.  I don't mind when he chooses Daddy over me, I don't think that any of us get enough quality time with Just Him like we used to.  One of my favorite things about taking Chris to piano lessons is we use the drive to talk.   Sometimes he wants to listen to music, usually the Frozen soundtrack, or Danny Kaye stories.  But sometimes I can get him to tell me things about his day, or whatever.  When we arrived at Miss Laraine's, he came up the front seat, and gave me an over the seat hug, and just held me.  And told me he loved me.  And I love him too.

We just don't get as many special moments like this as we used to.  
He's getting older, we have more kids, everything we do feels more rushed.  
But for a moment, the crazy stopped, and we had a nice evening, almost datelike. 

After piano, I swung by his school.  Apparently the book fair was quite a thing.  We bumped into a few of his classmates and friends at the book fair.  Chris picked out some picture books that he wanted.  I got one, for Sam, and then made Chris pick a chapter book.  He picked a Lego Movie chapter book. They took over the library, and they had a ton of volunteers.  Every classroom had a bunch of artwork on the walls.  So we started walking around the school.  We came near the gym and heard a bunch of noise.  It was like a party.  Apparently, it was!   But this party was for All the Arts - there were displays of sorts for gym, art, and music classes in the gym.  They had a rock wall, that Chris climbed for me.  He got higher than he's allowed to in class. In cowboy boots!  What a maniac.  I watched as he played a game on a scooter where you hit a ball with a hockey stick and make hockey like goals.  Then Mr. D, his music teacher, had a music creating app, and a bunch of instruments out to play, including his giant electric piano keyboard.  Chris and his teacher had some nice moments  playing around on it.  I like his music teacher a lot, he seems like he would have been the sort to be my friend in college, one of our peeps.  But he's about 15 years younger.  And Chris played and played.  I got to meet the art teacher, she was nice as pie.  And the principal pulled me aside to tell me how excited she is to Get Sam this coming fall. His assessment is tomorrow as it turns out.  We spent like half an hour playing in the gym. 


Then we tootled by Chris's classroom before we headed out.  His teacher had saved all his writings from the year in a notebook, and posted some pictures.  Chris calls this a shark.  Rather scary and scaly.  We got to bring the readings home, so I could read them on my own time, some of his writings are hysterical.   He is really finding his creative side.  I could have stayed longer, but seriously, we needed to eat some dinner.