Saturday, May 10, 2014

American Made


Daddy dressed Jacob yesterday.  So I blame him.  My baby is American Made.  This song has been in my head all day as a result.  He put Jacob in his onesie from Aunt Lisa, that reads U.S. ARMY Issue.  Fort Bliss, TX that Lisa got him before he was born.  It was the first gift he received.  With the Army onesie and the blue jeans, he looks like he walked right out of an Oak Ridge Boys song.

 But he was Tired.  I also think he's teething, maybe molars or something, he's already got 8 teeth.  How many does a sweetboy need?

This was Jake after Sam left for school.  He doesn't fit that swing.  But I can't stop tossing him in it when he's asleep.  He will still nap in long as he's almost out before I put him in there.  If he's awake, he'll have none of it.  Clearly, he's getting a little too big for it.  So if he were to get wiggly or fight, we'd not be able to use it.  He had an hour like that, before I started to try to move him to get him warmed up to the idea of making it to music class.  He was disinclined.  

Boy did not want to wake up.  He made us 15 minutes late for class.  I figure better late than never.  
And honestly, he won't curl up and crash on me like this for long.  So, I'll enjoy it while I can, and just be late, or maybe not leave the house at all.  Well, maybe not that.  But I'm content to be late.