Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Naptime leading to better times


Church was crazy this weekend.  We'd had a pretty quiet weekend at home, and so it didn't seem like any big thing that Sunday morning was Music sunday at church.  But the bell choir was performing, and the kids were singing.  And before you know it, the kids were bonkers during service.  I mean like full on, multiple timeouts.  Jake didn't want to sit still, I pulled him to the nursery after all the boys had sung.

They sang God's Love is Amazing from the new VBS Weird Animals, coming to our church at the end of June.  Here's a little video snippet recorded by my friend Lori, hope this works.  Post by Messiah Lutheran Church.

It's getting fun to prepare for this summer.  Not sending Chris to ABA Day Camp this year is proving to be more exciting...and more expensive.  Both Chris and Sam are old enough to do a lot of fun things.  And we're getting started with planning all kinds of schemy things and the boys are getting pretty excited.  It's hard to choose.  Which do you choose?  Something expensive but fun, or less fun and cheap?!  Well, it maybe a bit of both around here.  I know that I don't have it in me to entertain Chris for 7 straight weeks alone.  

But getting ready for VBS hasn't stopped the boys from going bonkers.  They acted like idjits all through church.  Jake got dragged off to the nursery.  Sam got 2 timeouts, and Chris even got 1.  Ugh.  By lunch, Eric and I were exhausted.  What is it about Spring that makes them lose their ever loving minds?!  

So we All needed a nap.  But we don't let Chris nap on school days anymore unless he's really sick, and I know he won't be going to school the next day either, because if he naps at all he's up until 10 and his whole schedule is off.  So we stopped napping him.  Unfortunately, like on this day, it means that all of us need a nap But Chris.  As he's gotten older, he's let us nap, but he still doesn't always have a good grasp on the definition of quiet time.   Still, on this day, for once, he let the rest of us rest.  And we all woke in a better mood.  

In the mean time, we're also beginning to enjoy the weather we have.  And so Sunday after supper we planned on taking a walk around the block.  The boys were still wearing their church shirts, and they looked pretty adorable.  So I asked to take their picture by the pretty blue-violet irses from Grandma's in bloom.  The big boys wanted to ride their bikes.  And Jake was hysterical, he kept on trying to grab the boy's bicycles.  He was cracking me up!  

This was the sweetest pic I got.  The only one where Jake actually looked at Daddy and I jumping up and down making idiots of ourselves to get a good picture.  

Turns out this picture was even better.  3 boys enjoying a walk around the block. :)