Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to me


My boys were very good to me this weekend.  I keep wanting to sit down and write all about it.  But I get distracted.  I even got pretty distracted on Sunday morning.  I meant to take pictures of my sweetboys in the morning, when they had breakfast all set up for me when I came downstairs with Jacob.  It was our usual, honey flakey biscuit egg sandwiches.  Something about Daddy making egg sandwiches makes all the rest of us very happy.  And we scrambled a bit to get dressed to make it to the 8 oclock church service.  So I didn't have a ton of time to take loads of pictures in the morning.

This was the card Chris made me.  He'd made me one at school too, but left it.  He brought it home yesterday, and it's pretty and has a red heart.    This one makes me smile, because I love his handwriting.
He and Sam signed the inside, and he drew a heart on the cover, but it's hard to see, because he drew it in yellow, on red paper.  I think there's even a tree or something inside the card.  
It says P.S. Go look in the front yard for your present.  
So I did.  

This was my big present.  It's a Kousa Dogwood.  
I've seen them at the zoo, and I fell in love with the tree there.  
I even think they line the walkway at Sam's preschool.   
They are a hearty late blooming white dogwood that has beautiful bright red leaves in fall, and even produces a funky looking berry.  It should look beautiful in the frontyard.  
I had mentioned in passing what I wanted for mother's day was a kousa dogwood, the garden planted, a big fat nap, and to not yell at the boys.  I didn't think I'd get any of that, really.  And here I am so blessed.  
Well, 3 out of 4 ain't bad. 

Meanwhile, Saturday, Eric had finished putting all the plants in the front garden.  
All my birthday herbs got put in pots, and the citronella, cukes, are potted too.  
The snapdragons and lavender got planted, and the front walk looks really nice.   
I'm getting excited about summer.  And I can't wait to cook with our fresh herbs.  

This was my view of my goodies.  Eric got me a gift certificate for a pedicure, and here's a bit of the goodies from Sam, the stuff in his backpack that he'd made in preschool was overflowing.  He painted me a picture of a turquoise ocean, because turquoise is my favorite color.  I think he likes to say turquoise, but it really is a beautiful picture, a lovely mix shades of green and blue.  That is my favorite color - anything between green and blue. :) 

Sam filled out this questionnaire at school.  
Yes, I am good at taking him to the zoo.  But I'm not the expert egg sandwich maker, that's Daddy!

And Daddy took good care of all of us.  As I said, we went to early church after a yummy breakfast.  After service, there was a special tribute to Mom's during Sunday School, where the kids 'waited' on us, and brought us muffins.  And I received a red carnation.  When the kids went to do their thing after our snack, Eric took me to Starbucks.  I was very happy to cash in my birthday frappuccino, since it didn't look like I was going to get much of a nap.  Jake fell asleep in the car, as we went to pick up the boys.  We then dashed up to the Studio Movie Grill theatre where they were showing Mary Poppins on the big screen.  We had our lunch while watching the movie.  Jacob was not amused.  He needs to not go to the movies anymore for a while.  We juggled him, and listened him gripe.  Luckily, the people around us didn't complain, but when the heads started turning, I let Eric take him out.  And Eric juggled Jake for the last half of the movie.  I loved seeing it on the big screen.  I didn't realize Julie Andrews had so many freckles!  Lines I knew, that I'd heard forever seemed so much funnier in big time.  What a great treat!  

And then the boys were beginning to act up as the movie ended.  So I did get lucky enough to come home and get a nap.  It wasn't a long one, because Jake woke screaming, but it was rest, much needed rest.  I ate like a pig all day, blowing through the day's calories before lunch, I decided it was a wash.  We made egg rolls, salad, and a lava cake for dinner.  And I felt so bloated yesterday.   It's funny how I can feel the effects so much more when I eat deep fried or chocolate or both than I did when I was eating crappy all the time.  After our supper, I dragged the boys outside for photos by my new tree.   

It looks like Jake is waving, but really he's half a second away from clobbering Chris on the head. 
That's one of his new favorite tricks - beat the brothers.

This was the best pic.  The boys didn't really want to pose at the end of the day.  
I appreciate it though.  

These are my sweet reasons for doing what I do.
And they spoil a mama like she deserves to be spoiled.