Monday, May 26, 2014

Dew Drops


Jacob's last Kindermusik class was Friday.  It's weird now that Sam isn't in school either that he gets to accompany us.  This was Sam's first and last visit to Jake's class.  They did really wonderfully playing with each other.

AND Jeremiah got to come, we hadn't seen him in weeks.  Grandma brought him to class.  He was initially wary, but he warmed up and got to play.  Then Grandma had 3 different boys fighting over who got to sit in her lap.  This was a great class, I hope a lot of these cool parents/kids show up in Jake's class next semester. 

After class, we met up with a friend of Mom's from church, and Amy for lunch at Rock Star.  
It was great for us girls (and the little boys) to have lunch together.  Jacob and Jeremiah are pretty adorable together.  They still don't play a ton together, but they are starting to interact, look at each other, and want whatever snack/toy the other one has.  It was good to get them together. It had been a long time.  
The kids had fun, and so did the grownups.  And the food was pretty yummy too. 
I'd been behaving for a while and I'd almost forgotten how yummy super cheesy pizza can be.  

 The theme to Jake's class this semester was Cock-a-doodle Moo/ Dewdrops.  There was split of subject matter and cd about halfway through the class.  The dewdrops part has a lot of songs and stuff about flowers.  Gotta say that's perfect for Spring!  

And when we got home, I found that my Dark Purple irises were starting to bloom.  

I love this color.  I bought one plant way back when I working, on a trip to Cox's.  And planted it at the old house.  It did ok there, and the bulbs were noticeably larger than the one's from my Grandma's.  
And last year they did nothing. 
This year, however, they are Happy.  


They make me pretty happy too. 
A fitting end for the day of the Dewdrops class.