Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Scientist


Yesterday was Sam's last day of Science class. It's his last week of Preschool this week.  I asked him to make a card in the morning, and he drew a picture of himself with a tree.  So we thanked Mrs. P for teaching him all about trees and leaves and roots, and for learning about his body.  Truly though, he didn't have a whole lot of interest in science, except in experimentation with gravity and how things come apart, ;) before this class.  I'm so glad he got in it.  He really learned a lot.  He was talking to Chris just this morning, and Chris said, we learned about the human body blah blah blah, in my science class.  And Sam said, Well, we just learn Science.  To him, it was just simple and awesome.

I asked him what he wanted to get his teacher as a present.  He said an Octonaut. He wanted to find a Shellington for her, because Shellington is the scientist.   So I did.  That was my task Monday.  I did find one, a little mini-shellington in a rolling mini-gup. And Sam was Thrilled to be able to give it to his teacher as he said goodbye to her and to Silas the Science Rat puppet.  He thanked me a couple times on the way home for finding it. She didn't know at the time who Shellington was, but she sure does now. ;)