Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Last Birthday Hurrah


When I was young, I didn't like that my sister and I had our birthdays 2 days apart.  She's April 29, and I'm May 1.  I guess it was deeply routed in that my mother brought me home a baby on MY Birthday, and she didn't let me keep it.  Well, here we are now, ahem, 36 years later, celebrating birthdays together, along with a couple of our kids.  This weekend Lisa and I got to finish off our birthday celebrations with a cookout at Daddy and MB's with Charlie and Jacob.

My Dad took this picture of Charlie, Lisa, and I blowing out the candles on our Bowl of Cake. 
Have I mentioned Bowl of Cake is my favorite dessert that MB makes?  It is.  I don't know what it is about that trifle bowl of layered chocolate cake, whipped cream, and fresh strawberries, but she made it for us the first time, some 20 something years ago, and we've been eating it on our birthdays every year since.  

Now we're starting the next generation onto loving Bowl of Cake.  
Jacob got a piece of cake on Sunday too.  He nibbled a bit, and just held on to the big hunk.  The bigger boys really enjoyed it.  I think it's because MB puts so much Love into it. I've tried to make it myself, but it doesn't turn out as good. 

After dinner and dessert, it was such nice weather, we opted to do presents outside.  
Well, with 5 crazy grandkids, the bigger space, the better. ;) 

Monday was Charlie's birthday, so she loved opening her Birthday Tiara from Aunt Cathy. ;) 
Her new favorite color is green (so she's said ever since Sam's Green birthday party) so she also received a green my little pony (well, as close to green as I could find) and  a tinkerbell dressup outfit, with tutu!

I picked up this t-shirt for my sister.  She had been coveting Kathleen's 1-up at Sam's party. 
So I thought she needed one. 

My Dad took this photo too.  My friend Suellen thinks it's the most hysterical ever, because of the boys.  Sam had been almost ready to stand up, so I knocked him down, and he started to cry.  Chris is acting like a nut.  Annie's looking around to see what's going on.  And Jake, well, he is Not Amused.  

That's our family.

We're a couple of goofballs.

But where did we get it?  Yes, this is a picture my father took of us taking a picture of each other.  
Some of my favorite pictures end up being of Lisa and I on our birthdays.  
I guess they're Daddy's too.  
Silly selfselfselfies! 

Did I mention Jacob had a piece of cake?
Yes, he had it.  No, he didn't Eat the cake. 
He just held it.  And he would give this furrowed brow mad look to anyone who would dare look like they were even considering trying to take it away or clean his hands.  Nope, not gonna eat it, but not giving it up either.  Little maniac.  Not mine, I would have eaten the cake.  

Our outdoor birthday party was pretty cloudy.  The temperature was perfect but as we were loading up the boys, the sun peeked out.  Now the boys were too far gone to pose for a picture, but the girls just happened to be wearing matching jackets, and Uncle James is in Jordan and he loves it when we post cute pics of the girls.  So I snagged my camera, and tried to take their picture...only my camera died.   My Dad was able to get this beautiful shot of the girls.  

Maybe I should have saved a smidgen of battery power for more cute kids, but instead I had used the last of it, on pretty flowers.  My Dad and Stepmom's garden is so Gorgeous this time of year.  I love spring.  

Daddy and MB still had some snowdrops blooming.  Theirs are nestled up by the door so they bloom a little late.  I got to sit down right next to them and snap a few shots.   They remind me of little bells.  

I love the angle by which they bloom and drop.  

Twin snowdrops.  

And don't get me started on their tulips blooming.  
I remember when the old house had a tulip blooming walkway like this, I want to get back to that in the front yard, I think I'll finally be up to planting something this fall.  But meanwhile I can enjoy their tulips.  

Love these bright oranges hues.  
I think tulips are my new favorite flowers.


Suellen said...

It IS the best photo ever because I can just imagine the boys looking at it 20 years from now and laughing until they cry!