Saturday, May 24, 2014

Moving slowly


After the second of 2 chiropractic visits in 24 hours, I was feeling much better.  It's bad when he sticks his fingers in the muscles of my shoulders and mid-back, but somehow it loosens things up a bit.  But when I got back home, I felt like doing something productive.  So I planted my new basil Chris helped me pick up the night before.  And I tried to do a little weeding...but really it just ended up being take pictures of flowers.  

Jacob was my special helper. :)   He was finally beginning to enjoy scooching along in the grass. Even if it was only to get into my purse. 

I got the new basil planted, then able to water our flowers. 
I clinched it.  By watering the flowers, I guaranteed rain in the evening.  

My Mother's Day Kousa Dogwood is starting to bloom. 
So pretty.  The bracts are still pretty light green, and I guess they'll probably get bigger, but they are still quite pretty.  They said it would bloom late spring, well, here we are! 

We went inside, and I fed the kids some lunch, and got the chance to do a little birdwatching.  
I even took a few pictures in manual. 

Not sure who the robin is more wary of, me, the kids, the dog, or the worms.  

We had a pretty pair of birdies at the feeder too.  I think, based on my limited research from googling, I think they are Chipping sparrows.  

Definitely a female inside the feeder while the male watches out.   

Meanwhile, just after naptime, the sky got dark, and there were rumbles of thunder.  I took a look a the weather and there were rumors of hail north of us.  I started to worry about Chris who was due off the bus any minute.  But just as he got in, I opened the door for him and asked how wet he got.  I checked his head, he had three wet drops in his hair.  He said Not At All.  But when I checked outside, we watched as the white line hit and it was the mother of all downpours.  We didn't get much hail, or none that I saw, but folks around town did.  But it rained for the rest of the afternoon.  

We did see this little lady popping through the backyard just about dinnertime.  As you can see, the water was forming a swamp in the backyard.  And this squirrel really stood out with her wet, white tail! I say it's a She, because no boy would be wearing that style this time of year.  She's kind of cute, and I hope I get to see her again more often.  She probably has to be fast since she stands out, for a squirrel, so my pics weren't very good of her, since she was on the move.   Hopefully, I'll get to see her again!