Friday, November 30, 2012

Good Deed Doing


So a friend of mine posted a request in this Disney lovers group I belong too.  She said, I have a friend (in another group) that would like matching t-shirts to go to DisneyWorld.  She was looking for anyone who knew how to do iron ons or appliques, to wear in WDW. She and her husband (who is flying in from Afghanistan) are surprising the kids.  He's been deployed a year, and is meeting them there.  Anyway, when I heard the story, I couldn't help but think of the people I know trying to cope while husbands are/were deployed. I knew I could help this lady.  Well, that was before the Bedrest.  But I still wanted to help her.  So last week before Thanksgiving, I contacted this gal, and we started chatting back and forth, so I could get some ideas of what she wanted.  Then I designed it, with my digital scrapbooking software.  

This was our final product:  

She and the 4 kids will get this picture on a shirt, and for the husband, he's getting a manly version with no words. ;)   Army men never call themselves heroes.  But they are my Heroes! 

However, my last hurrah this week was going to Hobby Lobby.  Not that I blame a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby as putting me on bedrest, I don't. It was just one of those things, a sign I was doing too much.  So I bought the shirts.  And then I realized I was going to need some extra special Helpers to help me finish the projects.  I called upon my bestie Kathleen, who is as much a Disney nut and as Patriotic as I am.  She was up for helping.  So Thursday when we had no kids, she came over and ironed on while I "directed".  We ran into a few technical difficulties, one of the shirts we got, someone else had ironed on, left invisible residue, and must've returned it, so that when we ironed on our picture the word "Girl" and a tiny flower popped up in the middle of our picture.  So she had to run back to Hobby Lobby for another shirt.  Hobby Lobby did not accept her story or the shirt.  Uncool Hobby Lobby, very uncool.  But Kathleen is a Superchamp, and she followed through with her Elven duties, and bought another shirt amongst other supplies.   And she didn't kill anybody.  I was very proud of her.  Can't say I would've behaved as well in the same position.  But the Spirit and Good Deed Doing gives us Strength.  

So tonight, as the yahoos were going to bed, she came by and we finished our Mission.  
We ironed on the shirts, finished them all up, and they looked really good, and they will be going to the Post Office and on to Maine tomorrow morning!  

Mission:  Mickey Good Deed Doing Accomplished!