Sunday, December 2, 2012

Matchy Jammies


My Sweet boys curled up yesterday morning.  They got these matchy Jammies last year, from Disney, before we went to Disney World. They love to wear matching jammies.  It used to be Chris alone that Demanded that Sam wear what he was wearing when they had one on that had a counterpart.  But as Sam has gotten older, he has started to have his say too.  They love to match.  I love to get them holiday matching Jammies every year.  And we're really lucky that this year they still fit!  Though this year it's proving to be a little more difficult, as Chris is Growing.  I know, MADNESS. So they are in two different departments now.  Eric and Chris went shopping yesterday, being elves, on the prowl for matchy shirts and matchy jammies amongst other things.  Got lucky but Sam's is gonna be big.  Oh well. So if we don't find new jammies this year, it'll be OK, because they are still stinky cute in their matchy jammies from last year and next year.  It's the little victories.  I'm doing most of my holiday shopping online, or sending friendly elves on missions for me.  It was rather fun yesterday to send my own little elves out on a mission, and have return mission accomplished!