Monday, November 26, 2012

Sam stays late


Mom W. had a doctor's appointment last Tuesday morning, and she wanted me to take her.   Well, truth be told, I think I wanted to take her just as much as she wanted me too, I wanted there to be someone with her, a. in the event it was painful, so she could take her good drugs, b. to ask a boatload of questions.   I had a number of questions, so I told Mom to take the 24 hours prior to document her Q's and we'd ask the doc.  That ended up being a good idea, since her list went right in line with what I wanted to know.  I got good vibes from her Infectious Disease guy, while they aren't acting fast, they seem to be as concerned with how she's Feeling as we are.  They're going to look into putting in a wound vac to aid in healing.  Hooray for Proactivity!   Plus we got a nice quality time brunch out of it!

Anyway, because we were at the doctor's, and Mom was going to get her IV meds, we just didn't think we'd get back up to the Burg to pick up Sam in time for school.  So we set it up in advance for him to stay the After Care hours.  We got to pack him a lunch, as well as let him choose a stuffy and blankee for him to take.  He wanted a turkey sandwich, yogurt, green applesauce (pear sauce), juice AND pretzels. Piglet!  And he packed Holly Shiftwell and the Superman Snuggie, that he traded with Christopher for his Seahorse. He was Packed, Happy, and Rearing to go!

And he got to stay at Preschool from 9-2:30. Such a Big Boy!  
He had a wonderful time, and was bummed when I didn't pack him a lunch on Thursday.  
Little does he know he's going again tomorrow so I can take Mom to the doc again. ;)