Saturday, November 17, 2012

Brought to you by the letter G

Don't you just love some silliness in the morning?  

Annie, Sam, and Charlie took a whole moment to take turns playing Lightning McQueen.  
Had to record it for posterity. Silly Geese. 

We even took the yahoos to the grocery store.  So thankful the carts have two steering wheels, they were crazy driving all over the place.   Goofy Grocers! 

When we got home and had some lunch before gymnastics, Charlie started to lose her mind from exhaustion, so Annie and Sam got to go to Gymnastics class, while Charlie got a head start napping.

Some people were VERY excited to go to Gymnastics class. This was Annie's first visit, and she spent the entire drive practicing how to say it, of course, I waited until I got there, and we were stopped before trying to videotape her, and by then she'd got it mostly figured out.  Still stinky cute though.  And she was so enthusiastic about doing everything Miss Heather said.  

Line Up everybody Line Up! 

My little Gymnasts! 

Annie and Sam jumping all around, well, it was more of a skip than a hop.  But they were still cute.  

They travel in choo choo train form.  Sam and Annie are the ones in white shirts.  

The best end for these cousins, climbing in the foam pit.  

I'm so Grateful to Fusion Gymnastics for letting us add Annie to the class, it was such a Gift to her.
They really are so amazing over there! 

Now here are some of my favorite sights, Lisa and Eric up to all kinds of Goodness in the Kitchen. 

Lisa is the Goofus pointing out the amazing awesomeness of adding Butter! to our appetizer of scallops.

Both my sweets cooking with Festive holiday brews, Lisa got some Leinenkugal Vanilla Porter, and Eric's got a Flat Top Pumpkin Ale.  My word.  I tasted them both, just a sip, I was queasy as hell while they were cooking, and even to me, they tasted good.  But while cooking, Lisa started cutting up a lemon, and from the living room where I was laying down trying not to die, the smell cut through the nausea and the lemon smelled good!  I went into the kitchen, found my favorite chefs up to no Good, finishing some scallops for the grownups, while Eric roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic, and Lisa made up some Chicken Marsala.  

The kids do not always appreciate the awesomeness that is presented to them on their dinner plates.  But they always choose to eat in the kitchen rather than the Boring room, aka the Dining Room.  We had a quiet dinner, and even though I didn't feel like eating much more than potatoes, little sister/brother is really picky, and there just isn't much room in my tummy.  More silly geese, they just don't get it. Even to me the scallops and chicken tasted wonderful.  Wish I could have eaten more!