Friday, November 30, 2012

Getting Lit


I know, I bet you were thinking of booze.  But No.  Not for me.  However, I'm very happy to show that Saturday Eric got our Christmas tree up and lit!  He was able to get out on the roof, and finish the blue lights along the roof, and the invisible blue tree at the front door with star on top. So pretty.  I love it.  We did get out of the house this evening, to have dinner with my Dad at Brozzini's, love their wings, however they were out of celery, and well, that was just un-American.  The drive was enough that I could handle it, just being out in the evening wears me out.  It's like the sun goes down, and so must I.  But it was so nice to come home to a lovely lit home.  We just love the Blue Lights outside, you can see our house from way down the street.  I love this time of year.