Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bit of a scare

Last Monday, I was having some mild spotting.  I have never had that problem when pregnant, so it pretty much scared the snot out of me.  I was only 14 weeks at the time, and that just seemed a weird time for spotting to me.  I called my OBs office, and they weren't too worried, but scheduled an ultrasound for Tuesday afternoon.  

Of course, by the time we got there, the spotting had stopped, and everything was Fine.  Baby was moving all over the place, and had a strong heart rate of 166.  I just listened and the tears filled my eyes, I was so relieved.  It's amazing how you can go on with your day to day life with Fear in the back of your mind, how Freeing it is to be rid of it.  

Praise the Lord! 

I love this picture, it's my favorite from the day.  Little Sister/Brother was squished up tight between the uterine wall and the placenta, just barely room for a head and a fist.  Not sure but he/she might have been trying to suck his/her thumb, they say it can start in the 14th week.  

Little Skeleton face. 

Here's a slightly different view of the face with the hand in front, and you can kind of make out the wiggly feet.  

Because he/she was so wiggly, we couldn't really get a good view, those legs were all over the place, like a Tiny Dancer! 

We tried to get a good look at the bottom area, here's the arm up by the head like the Maja and a very nice looking (HEALTHY!) spine followed by some biscuity bottoms.  The Tech laughed when I said there's the Biscuits, so that's what she put on the picture.  :)   

Once we ruled out that there was no problem with the baby or my placenta, we focused on more fun things, like whether or not the baby is going to be a boy or a girl.  We got one look where I swear I saw I penis.  But 14 weeks is a bit early to tell, Officially, so the Tech said, I can't be sure, because it kept fading in and out whenever she moved the camera.  I was OK with a Maybe Boy.  Eric and I are very ok with having another boy.  The two boys we have are pretty wonderful, imagine another wonderful one to add to our set!  Plus, we have all the stuff already!  

But, as we were getting up to leave, the Tech said, Oh wait, lay back down, I forgot to get pictures for you.  She'd gotten all the stuff she needed for the doc, but not souvenirs for me, so back I went.  And when she was trying to get the back (that biscuit picture) she  turned the camera, and it really looked like Girl Parts.  Well that confused us all!  Because not 10 minutes ago, we were pretty sure it was a boy.  Now it Really looked like a girl.  Kids today.  

We left there totally unsure.  And I'm OK with that.  This is the first time, I haven't been leaning in one direction or another.  I will be so happy either way.  I always wanted a girl, but God gave me boys, and my boys are such a Joy I can't help but want another one of them too! 

It was a good appointment, I got Peace of Mind, which was Priceless, and to see and hear the baby.  

When we came home with all kinds of good news, my sister took my picture.  

We figured it was also a good time to document that I had broken out the Maternity pants.  My really fat pants still fit, but they were dirty, and I haven't been feeling up to getting entirely caught up on laundry.  So I broke out maternity pants.  How I love a pair of really soft stretchy pants! It's the one good thing about maternity clothes.