Saturday, November 24, 2012

A crappy croup cough


Chris woke up last Friday with a terrible cough.  He was barking like a seal, and breathing like Darth Vader.    I took his temp, and he was 99.8, oh yeah, he was staying home.  I was pretty sure he had croup.  

When we went to the doctor's later, even though the Tylenol brought his fever down, Chris was content to sit still and not move around much, while Sam ran around like a nut.  Oh yeah, he was sick.  Doctor agreed with me it was croup, but he suspected we were on the beginning end of it.  It can last 3-7 days, ugh..  He said he sounded like a bit of  bronchitis, so he prescribed an antibiotic as well as prednisone.  They made Chris feel good enough to get into timeout by dinner time.  But his cough still sounded pretty pitiful, and his voice was raw.  Poor Pooka.  I just hoped he wasn't going to be sick all the way through Thanksgiving, and that we didn't catch it too.