Saturday, November 17, 2012

Guess Who's Back?!


My sister and the girls arrived in town on the 3rd, but Tuesday the 6th was the first opportunity I got to drive up and get them.  They came to town to buy a car, hopefully my mom's, and drive it back to Texas, but that fell through.  Today, as I'm writing, she's picking up her 'new' Toyota Sienna.  Ah, yes, she mocked me and my minivan loving self for years, I was the weirdo.  Few trips in that minivan, with all our yahoos, and now she's caving to the awesomeness.

I'm very happy for her.  And for the girls, they'll now get out of the house more, and maybe start preschool when they get back to TX.

Meanwhile, they got to Aunt Cathy's and play.

Charlie looked so precious.  She had an episode of twirling her hair, like my Aunt Debbie used to do, but she had incorporated play doh into it, so she earned herself an adorable pixie cut.  

And Annie hasn't changed much.  Her legs may have been longer, but she still looks like Mowgli from Jungle Book.  

They Absolutely Charged Uncle Eric when he got home from work, that's the kind of Welcome we all love. 

Of course, they were all way to crazy to capture in still life, until I was feeling too crummy to go for my camera, so this was as Still as I could capture them, taking over the little kitchen.  The boys were thrilled to have them!  So much so, we managed to talk them into staying an extra night!